Pragmatic and straight-forward data is great. However, something we hear a lot from our users is the importance of being able to also connect and discuss with real people who have lived or are currently living in a city.

Ask a Local has been available in Teleport Cities for a while now, but based on the great ideas and feedback from people who use our products, we’ve now really gotten around to making some big changes in the structure, design and activity levels of the Ask a Local Q&A community to make it as user-friendly as possible.


Ask a Local isn’t for discussing the pros and cons of living a remote or mobile lifestyle amongst people who do it – its main focus is to connect people who want to move to a place, to real, awesome, experienced locals who are willing to help out with any questions or issues that there might be.

We’ve tweaked the notification system for questions and answers to make sure that everyone is aware of the discussions going on and can chime in at any point to lend someone a hand with moving to their city.

You can find the Ask a Local section under every city’s detail view.


For example, check out the Ask a Local section for London!

Besides asking for advice, Ask a Local is also a good platform to reach out to the local community before you head out to start building your network. The same can be said for locals who are interested in learning about new cool people moving to their location.

A good way to make yourself visible and maybe even meet some new people is to be proactive and helpful in the Ask a Local forum of your city and make your local community a better place!

If you have any ideas or feedback about how we could make this community even more useful for you, please let us know – drop us an email at and we can have a chat!