If you haven’t used Teleport Cities for a while, there’s a good chance you’ve been missing out on some pretty nifty stuff we’ve developed recently. Here’s what’s new.

We try to take in our users’ feedback as frequently as possible and combine it with our own ideas for improving Teleport Cities and making it a little bit more awesome with every release button we push.

Here are a few things we’ve recently done that we think you should check out. Join us again. We have cookies.

Ask a Local

Ask a Local, the community connecting people with questions about cities with people who have the answers, has been available in Teleport Cities for a while. However, we’ve now really gotten around to making some big changes in the structure, design and activity levels.

As a result, the community has properly taken off recently, so if you have any questions about the cities we have, make sure you pop over to the boards and see what the locals have to say.


You can read more about Ask a Local here.

Following cities

Speaking of Ask a Local and how freakin’ awesome it is now, you should also know about following cities. Now, instead of just simply following a place, there are several more options to mark your relationship with the city—from living there now to wanting to move there in the future.


But even more importantly, following a city also means that you get an email every time someone posts a question about the city on Ask a Local—which means you’ll know exactly when you have a chance to help more awesome people move to the place you love!

More visual widgets on city profiles

We’ve been hustling pretty hard to make our city profiles a lot more thorough, data-driven and visual. It’s definitely worth checking back on them every now and then to see what we’ve added.

For example, have you seen our…:

Equaldex powered LGBT rights widget?


…safety data?

safety…or data on the outdoors amenities?


These are just a few of the cool new visual widgets we have—so make sure you check out your favourite cities’ profiles again to get the latest.

Give us your two cents

We totally trust our data sources. However, it’s always much more magical when mixed with some opinions from people who have real-life experience with the cities. So, we’ve added little feedback boxes throughout the city pages to enable you to share your personal expertise on different matters.


We’re super excited about this, because it helps us massively improve and diversify our data to provide an even better experience for our users. Please feel free to share your knowledge on all the cities you know well and care about with us.

Those are only some of the cool new things we have going on right now. Make sure you check back, and if you have any ideas, comments or wishes as to how Teleport Cities should be, don’t hesitate to drop us a line at contact@teleport.org.