Every year, ten million millennials move to a new city abroad. How can you attract all this new new talent & investments to your city? Teleport’s analytics and insights help you become their destination.

What are the most important issues for knowledge workers and how does your city rank up against other top cities—what are your strengths and weaknesses?

If you create a great environment for a certain kind of knowledge worker, people will find out and flock there faster than ever before. If you mess up, they will leave faster than ever before. The world is becoming more and more mobile, and soon, every single government will be competing for every single citizen.


The answer to the talent attraction issue is data from real users telling the story of who they are and what they’re looking for in a city.

Teleport Professional, a paid subscription product, allows you to use Teleport’s data to analyze the market and start a quantitative and efficient talent attraction process with more effective messaging and efficient use of your marketing budget.

Along with powerful visualization tools, Teleport Professional allows city marketing professionals to…:

…learn about what talent wants, based on profession:

image00…compare the talents’ needs and wishes to your city’s strengths and weaknesses:


…and see how your city compares with 250+ other locations around the world in all aspects of life:


You can use all of this interactive data for:

  • Creating visual reports for internal marketing and talent attraction discussions
  • Displaying on your website or any other marketing materials
  • Mapping out your city’s weaknesses and planning future developments


Want to learn more about how Teleport’s data and insights can help you attract (and keep) top talent in your city? Read more and get in touch.