Scaling your company across borders? Opening offices? Entering new international markets? Use Teleport data to make data-driven decisions.

Currently, companies are collecting the data needed to make the carefully calculated decision of opening an office in a new location themselves, or alternatively, buying really expensive consulting services.

Companies conducting their own research can be extremely time consuming, not to mention the fact that publicly available data can sometimes have some crucial gaps.

Teleport city analytics help you quickly discover the best next place for your business. We can help you:

  1. Get to know the talent you’ll be hiring in your new location and find out what they’re looking for
  2. Compare salary and management costs around the world for investment decisions and budgeting
  3. Get insights about the overall business ecosystem in each city and compare them head to head to confirm the fit for your organization.


What is your talent looking for?

Knowledge workers are becoming increasingly mobile. There are many contributing factors to choosing the place to be besides economic factors—environment, tolerance, personal development opportunities, climate, etc.

Before deciding on a new office location, it’s worth looking at what the talent you’re looking for—whether it’s developers, designers, marketeers, etc—finds important when choosing a city to live in. This allows you to see whether your potential next locations would actually be attractive to your desired workforce or not.

Teleport Professional (paid subscription product) is a powerful analytics and insights toolkit, which combines the data on 250+ cities around the world plus our users’ activity into one single insightful visualization tool that allows you to:

1) Research your target group’s personal preferences when it comes to life quality. For example, here are the quality of life aspects that software engineers mark as most important when deciding where to locate to:

image012) After you’re aware of these preferences, see how your potential new target markets compare to these preferences:


3) …and also compare several cities’ performance based on the preferences:


What your future employees want in a location is just as important in making a decision as what kind of environment your company needs as a whole and what kind of funds you have available.

Teleport Professional helps you figure out the employee side with all the data in one place, and ready to present and visualize.

What is the cost-optimal location?

Salaries and other company expenses can vary wildly in different cities around the world, and cost controlling is something very few companies can completely disregard when thinking of expanding. Regardless of whether you’re a startup or an established company, it makes sense to check:

1) what your annual company budget would be in a new location

2) how the salaries for specific professions differ from what you’re paying in your main location

Teleport Runway calculates the differences of your annual budget in different cities, taking into account the annual salaries of your team members as well as taxes and services (social taxes and healthcare, office rent and buffer).


It allows you to compare your current office location and the salaries connected to your (future) team members to the corresponding costs in other cities to see how a different location would change your annual budget.

Even though the tool is mainly targeted towards startups (hence the runway calculations that come with it), the budget calculator still applies for any size companies for checking whether the budget you have estimated in the new city is actually realistic or not.

If you want to zoom in on differences in salaries for different in different locations, you can use Teleport Eightball, which calculates and compares annual salaries for a large range of positions.


Salaries can vary a lot in different locations—even for the same profession. This research assures that you have the necessary information to use as a baseline for your hiring and salary conversations.

How does the city perform?

Once you’ve decided on some potential candidates, it’s crunch time—research about the city or cities, to make sure it’s a fit for whatever your company specifically needs.

First off, have a look at Teleport Cities. Sure, this is mostly meant for individuals to figure out where they should be, but a) you can set your preferences based on your team’s needs rather than your own, and b) you can always just browse information on any city without even going through the matching process—the information is still valuable.


Quality of life, cost of living, safety, venture capital, startup scene, visas… pretty much any important salary and life quality aspect is displayed for 250+ cities all around the world. If you’re still in between options, you can also compare cities to see which one does better.

Additionally, here’s where Teleport Professional comes in again. You can get city reports for your chosen places for a quick overview, browse 180+ data dimensions for 250+ cities in the world, compare cities head to head in most aspects of life, and most importantly—create visual and interactive reports on all of this for easier presentation to your company, clients and investors.


Interested in how our products can help you scope out the most suitable markets out there? Read more and get in touch.