Remember all the stuff about moving to Canada if this or that person wins the US presidential election? Turns out some of you meant it. So, here’s how Canada compares to the US—based on real data.

We’ve all seen this:

Etc, etc, etc…

If we wrote this post out of nowhere, we’d be talking out of our ass—as shocking as it is, sometimes people just say things on the internet without actually meaning them. So, we conducted a survey after the elections to see how many US Teleport users are actually thinking of moving as a direct result of the event.

The results were interesting—12% of our respondents said that they definitely want to move, and 29% are considering it. Furthermore, Canada was a constant answer in the “if you would, where to?” box.

Now that we have actual proof that some people are really as freaked out as they said they’d be, here’s a slice of data on how our US and Canadian cities compare, and how you can find out more and customize your searches using Teleport Cities.

How do Canadian and US cities compare?

Let’s take five of our users’ most preferred quality of life aspects on Teleport Cities, regardless of profession…:

  • Low cost of living
  • Lively startup scene
  • Low pollution
  • Safety
  • Rent affordability

…and look at all the cities we have in the US and Canada. Here’s the top 10:

…Canada does win there, although not by much. The close competition emphasizes even more that your choice depends on preferences most important to you, so do check out Teleport Cities and toggle your own information to get the most accurate match.

There’s also a nifty compare function in Teleport Cities where you can see how city stats look side to side:

You can compare any cities to each other—just go to a city’s profile and click on the “compare” button in the top right corner, or use the compare link above and select cities in the header.

From personal experience we can say that two of our team members live in Canada right now and are pretty pleased with it.

As pleased as these two pandas chilling with Justin Trudeau. So, really, really pleased.

We just looked at the bigger cities above, based on only a few life quality aspects, to show you how we can use data to make informed decisions about moving. Feel free to make it your own.

For example, let’s say you’re looking at how much of a match Vancouver would be for you based on your preferences, profession and salary data:

You can input any aspects that are important to you, and then see your match with any of our 250+ cities on the database—just look them up after picking your preferences.

In conclusion, if you’re serious serious about this and want to dive into where the best place for you to move is, make sure you have plenty of personalized information to go on. And hey—maybe you’ll find other exciting options for yourself besides your Northern neighbors.

P.S: We’re not yet sure how Canadians themselves feel about this whole thing. We might have to do another survey.