Hiring internationally? Teleport’s analytics & insights help you attract talent from abroad and make incoming moves as seamless as possible for happy new employees.

Despite the growing trends of remote work, many jobs are still tied to a certain location. Recruiters face two main issues when hiring talent from abroad:

  • What makes a specific kind of employee tick when it comes to life quality aspects and how does your location fit with their lifestyle?
  • What’s the best way to provide information about their future home to the employees without them having to spend ages doing their own research?

Know what talent is looking for

Teleport Professional (paid subscription) offers, among other things, the list of Teleport Cities users’ preferences by profession as well as by country. This means that you can do your own research about the specific talent you’d like to hire from another country, and make sure that you can upsell the corresponding strengths in your city to reassure the fit for them.

For example, these are the life quality aspects software engineers find most important when deciding where to move:


Teleport Professional also helps you scope out the strengths of your city…


…as well as compare it to other locations around the world (all the data dimensions are  customizable to your needs, this is just an example set):


In one single product, you can see which kinds of people it’s easiest for you to attract, which upsides to use in your marketing strategies when hiring, and offers an easy way to visualize and present the whole package.

Provide information to new hires

Once you’ve struck a deal with your new employee(s), it’s important to make sure they have access to ample resources for research about their new location. Many HR professionals are facing the challenge of providing information about the new city for an incoming employee. And if the information is not precise or is hard to understand, employees can be quite unhappy and settling in causes more problems.

Our solution for that is interactive city reports that recruiters can share with new hires.


The product is similar to Teleport Cities concerning the available data and information, but the main difference is that these reports are completely customizable to fit the needs of a specific person.

The reports offer in-depth information about 250+ cities in the world, including data on quality of life, living costs, safety, climate, outdoors, etc.

Besides the informative city pages and customized reports, there’s also a handy Ask a Local community available for users to ask questions from real people who are living or have lived in the city.


The collective data points and local advice combined assures that talent moving to your city will feel secure and informed about most aspects of life, for a smooth arrival and settling.

Want to learn more about how Teleport can help you successfully hire from abroad? Read more and get in touch.