Got talent? Countries and cities can now benefit from Teleport’s quantitative statistical data together with Tendensor’s strategic expertise on how to make cities, regions and clusters attractive to talent on the move.

War on international talent is at an all time high. How does a city differentiate in the international competition and reach their target groups? It is increasingly difficult to find a city that does not describe itself as smart, green, international, hosting a vibrant start-up scene and being a sought after destination for entrepreneurs.

This begs the questionhow does your city stand out when we look at data? How do you compare in the global competition? Are you even on the radar of the talent you are looking for? Teleport and Tendensor International provide your city with a unique starting point and roadmap for attracting and retaining necessary talent.

Tendensor International is a Nordic consultancy that gives strategic advice on making a placecity, region, cluster and innovation areamore attractive to your desired target groups. This entails analyzing your city’s current situation, future opportunities in a talent attraction context and give tailor-made policy and managerial recommendations.

Teleport, on the other side, delivers statistics, user-based data and provides extensive, visual city reports consisting of:

  • Quantitative identification and benchmarking of your city’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Information about people interested or potentially interested in your city
  • How your city comes up in search results


Simply put, Teleport delivers statistics and Tendensor gives strategic advice on making your city more attractive to your desired target groups.

This cooperation will provide you with:

  • Statistics on criteria driving location searches of young professionals, IT and start-up talent
  • An understanding of your competitiveness when responding to those needs
  • Benchmark data on cost and quality of life in your marketing channels

Together, we can offer cities the chance to stand out in the global competition for talent.

Interested in seeing how Teleport and Tendensor can help your city attract talent, based on actual data? Read more or contact us directly:

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