Which cities are the best for low cost-of-living and rent costs, quality education and plenty of great job opportunities for teachers? We listed the top options.

Underneath the income, living costs & quality of life preferences you can toggle in Teleport Cities, there are around 300 different data dimensions from 70+ sources, with topics ranging from an active tech scene to pollution and travel connectivity.

All of this data helps us match people with their best places in the world to live and work. Last time, we had a look at the best cities for students, and this time we’re focusing on the people working their magic on these bright minds—teachers.

Here are the best cities for the educators, based on both the preferences they choose themselves as well as some specific ones we add on top.

What are teachers looking for?

We’ve got a little over 6000 teachers among our users. Here are the five preferences they find most important:

  • Low cost of living
  • Low pollution
  • Safety
  • Tolerance
  • Low rent cost

Most of our users care about low costs, safety and pollution, so we always add in some more layers to make it extra specific. Here are the ones we grouped in for teachers:

  • Teacher jobs availability (number of jobs posted in the last 7 days)
  • Median teacher salaries (USD per year)
  • University quality
  • Combined PISA score
  • Internet connectivity (download speed)

Our unique data visualization tool allows us to choose how much weight each layer has. We’ll leave everything at full force, except the importance of PISA ranks and internet connectivity.

If some of these layers do not apply to you, feel free to choose your very own in Teleport Cities. For now, let’s see what happens when we throw all these things together.

The 10 best cities for teachers

Here’s the top ten according to our chosen preferences:

London wins here, mostly due to the very high score in university quality and number of jobs available. However, when it comes to living and rent costs, neither London nor Boston are doing that well.

Therefore, as always, it’s important to keep in mind that these lists, even though they give nice general idea, are not completely personalized according to what you’d need.

Raleigh is a nice surprise among the bigger US cities, and Sweden and Germany are more than represented with two cities each.

It’s also worth noting that even though there are more available jobs in bigger cities, smaller cities may have better conditions for teachers.

Also, in places with a high quality of education, there might be enough teachers present to choose from—hence much more competition and less work opportunities. Again, it all depends on what you’re looking for. Tricky thing, this top list building.

A zoom in on the top 5

Let’s take a look at the preferences we chose and compare them in our top 5 cities. Feel free to check out the other half—Munich, Uppsala , Los Angeles, Dresden and Pittsburgh—on Teleport Cities if you want the specific details.

Here’s how the top 5—London, Boston, Raleigh, Chicago and Stockholm—compare based on the original 5 preferences that teachers choose:

If living and rent costs are your main concerns, Raleigh is the best option. It’s also a very safe and clean city, but then again, it’s doing fairly badly on the tolerance topic.

If you care most about tolerance, safety and low pollution, Stockholm is a safe bet, and is also slightly more affordable than the other cities on the list.

Here are the layers we added on top:

As mentioned before, London definitely has the most job offers for teachers, whereas Stockholm and Raleigh aren’t really doing that well on that aspect. The combined PISA score is pretty much level for all cities, and salaries aren’t that far apart, either.

As for the winner—London, here’s how it’s doing on other aspects of life quality:

Life quality score - London

You can also pick another city in the header of the widget to see the scores for other locations.

Top cities for teachers by continent

Here’s the breakdown for the best cities for teachers by continent:


South America:

North America:




We do realize everyone’s different—if you’d like to change anything in the list of preferences we used, you’re more than welcome to toggle your own choices in Teleport Cities to get a truly unique match.

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