Where should you go for affordable and great quality healthcare, good salaries for physicians, and an enjoyable living environment? These are the best cities for doctors.

All of the magnificent income, living costs & quality of life data we have on Teleport Cities helps us match people of various professions with their optimal places to live and work.

This time, we’re tackling the preferences and needs of healthcare professionals, based on both the preferences they choose themselves as well as some specific ones we add on top.

What are doctors looking for?

Here are the quality of life aspects that the 2500-ish physicians among our users care for most:

  • Low crime
  • Low living costs
  • Low pollution
  • Tolerance towards minorities
  • Lively startup scene

As always, the top 5 preferences tend to be quite general and matter to most professions. To make it more healthcare-related, we added:

  • Healthcare quality
  • Physicians’ median salary
  • Per capita yearly expenditure on healthcare
  • Healthcare affordability
  • University quality

Our nifty data visualization tool also allows us to choose how much weight each layer has. We’ll leave everything at full force, except the importance of university quality and startup scene, which will have a smaller importance in the overall score. This will eliminate our top cities steering too far from healthcare related aspects.

If some of these layers do not apply to you, feel free to choose your very own in Teleport Cities. For now, let’s see what happens when we throw all these things together.

The top 10 best cities for doctors

Here’s the top ten according to our 10 chosen preferences:

We’re always happy to see a mix of cities from all corners of the world in our top lists, but this time it seems to be a pretty equal run between Europe and the US. Boston wins by a slight margin over Stockholm, but Sweden takes the cake in general with three cities total.

Since the scores are extremely tight and the smallest change in preference weight or nature could make this list very different, it is important to personalize it as much as possible and get your very own match list with Teleport Cities. Until you do that, let’s have a closer look at the top 5 in this generalized list.

A zoom in on the top 5

This is how our top five cities look like based on the top five preferences our users look for:

Safety and pollution index seem to be both doing quite well for all five, and cost of living is not the cheapest for any of them.

However, the differences come in more with the two remaining layers—Stockholm is far ahead when it comes to tolerance, and Boston wins if you care a lot about the local startup scene.

Here are the layers we added on top:

It’s nice to see that per capita healthcare costs and general healthcare quality score equally well in all 5 places. However, salaries tend to be a lot higher in the US than in Europe, and if you care about university quality, Boston is way ahead.

Also, as expected, the US is very unaffordable (as mentioned by one of our team members who has lived there, one fart at the doctor’s office will cost you approximately $3000).

Our winner, Boston, definitely deserves a separate in-depth look into other quality of life aspects, so here’s how it’s doing:

Life quality score - Boston

The widget is interactive—you can also pick another city in the header of the widget to see the scores for other locations.

Top cities for doctors by continent

If you don’t want to go too far or prefer certain parts of the world, here’s the breakdown for the best cities for teachers by continent:


South America:

North America:




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