Lively startup scene? Good job opportunities and salaries? Tons of meetups and coworking spaces for networking? These are the best cities for marketers.

All of the magnificent income, living costs & quality of life data we have on Teleport Cities helps us match people of various professions with their optimal places to live and work.

This time, we’re tackling the preferences and needs of marketers. Based on both the preferences they choose themselves as well as some specific ones we add on top, we’ll create the top 10 list of best cities for marketers. Let’s get to it!

Which life quality aspects appeal to marketers?

  • Low pollution
  • Low living costs
  • Safety
  • Lively startup scene
  • Tolerance towards minorities

As always, the top 5 preferences tend to be quite general and matter to most professions. To make it more marketing related, we added:

  • Salaries: marketing manager
  • Job availability: marketing manager
  • Meetup popularity
  • Coworking spaces
  • Download speed

Our data visualization tool also allows us to choose how much weight each layer has. We put a little bit more emphasis on low cost of living, startup scene, download speed and marketers’ salaries and job availability.

This will eliminate our top cities steering too far from aspects related specifically to this profession.

If some of these layers do not apply to you, feel free to choose your very own in Teleport Cities to get an exact match just for you. For now, let’s see what happens when we throw all these things together.

The best cities for marketers

These are the top 10 cities based on the preferences we chose:

There seems to be a tilt towards a certain continent or area with every profession we look at, and when it comes to marketers, it seems like US cities are dominating.

The only European cities here are London and Berlin, which makes sense, considering their prominent startup scenes and great internet, plus plenty of coworking spaces and networking events.

Since the scores are extremely tight and the smallest change in preference weight or nature could make this list very different, it is important to personalize it as much as possible and get your very own match list.

Until you do that, let’s have a closer look at the top 5 in this generalized list.

A zoom in on the top 5

Here’s what our top five look like based on the original 5 preferences that our users chose:

Startup scene wise, all five cities are fairly equal, and the same goes for cost of living. When it comes to tolerance, Austin and London are lagging behind, Chicago and Austin aren’t that great pollution wise, and if safety is important to you, you might want to avoid London and Austin.

And the preferences we stuck on top:

Well, let’s say that if you’re looking for a place with ample job opportunities for marketers, London is your place (but, it also has slightly lower salaries in this specific profession). Download speed is also slightly slower in London, as well as Chicago.

Otherwise, if networking is your thing, you can find plenty of meetups and coworking spaces in all five cities.

Our winner, Los Angeles, definitely deserves a separate in-depth look into other quality of life aspects, so here’s how it’s doing:

Life quality score - Los Angeles

The widget is interactive—you can also pick another city in the header of the widget to see the scores for other locations.

Basically, if all the preferences we chose for this list apply to you, the data says you should probably start packing your stuff to head to the US, or, if you’re haunted by visa issues or feel like the US quite isn’t your place, London and Berlin are also pretty good options.

Top cities for marketers by continent

If you don’t want to go too far or prefer certain parts of the world, here’s the breakdown for the best cities for marketers by continent.



North America:

South America:



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