What is place branding? Who does a place even need a brand? How do you make your brand exciting and compelling? Let’s ask the expert.

Podcast time! Episode 18 features Peter Kentie—place brand-er, marketer, and the guy who offered Estonia a pretty nifty country branding idea completely out of the blue, because he just likes us that much.

Here are some of the things we’ll chat about:

  • What is a brand?
  • Why does a place need a brand?
  • What are the components of good place branding?
  • What are the first steps of creating a brand?
  • How much of a role does data play in place branding?
  • How has Eindhoven managed to create a compelling city brand for optimal talent attraction?
  • How are country branding and city branding different—and which is harder?
  • Advice for balancing the new Estonian branding concept
  • What are some great examples of city branding in the world?

Happy listening!

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