It takes less than €280 to fly from Europe to US, Carribeans or Asia and back. These kinds of prices are not there for a long time. revealed over 3000 cheap flight tickets just past in the last year. Most of the flights are from Stockholm or London. London is one of the most connected airport hubs in the world.

Airport hub: score related to the number of flights connecting airports within the urban area to the rest of the world.
Intercity train connectivity: score showing the amount of train usage by the population.

There are plenty of great deals from other bigger cities as well.

Almost as many destinations lead to Asia, North America, Central America and the Carribeans. The prices go much higher when talking about destinations such as Africa, South America, Australia or Oceania. Cheap flight tickets are offered mainly by bigger airlines – British Airways, Air France, Qatar Airways, Lufthansa, American Airlines, KLM, Turkish Airlines, and they mainly offer there and back tickets not just one way tickets as one may think when seeing the price.

Cheap flights can stay available for only a couple of hours and up to a month. It’s a rare case when the take off time is near the date of buying the tickets. Usually the time to the take-off after buying the tickets through an offer on is after a few months. Of course there are some deals where you can travel already on next week or even next year. In the last case you can do some research about the location through Teleport beforehand.

There are many reasons why a flight ticket is cheap: a campaign of the airline, city or the country, a mistake made while typing the price to the system.

Often at times cheap flight tickets are missed due to the language the airline campaign is written in and promoted in. For example there are a lot of discounts and campaigns which can only be found from the landing pages of the airlines written in only Swedish, Norwegian, Danish. Many flights discounts are hidden on an Italian site, in a Polish forum or in a Finnish blog. The info is often lost behind language barriers. is a middleman without ads which shows where can cheap flight tickets be bought, whether is it to Skyscanner, Momondo or Kayak – to the airline which has the cheapest offer.

It’s pretty difficult to find the best discounts by yourself and that’s why we asked a discount code from an awesome Estonian startup Traffel. While you are making an order for the yearly subscription use “Teleport” as the discount code to get cheap flight ticket offers with 29 Euros – over 50% cheaper than the regular price.

Here’s a list of cities in Europe where most of the cheap long distance flights take off. Stats from 5th of July.

  1. Stockholm 332
  2. London 251
  3. Helsinki 188
  4. Tallinn 173
  5. Brussels 164
  6. Moscow 135
  7. Amsterdam 133
  8. Riga 119
  9. Paris 115
  10. Milan 115
  11. Barcelona 96
  12. Oslo 96
  13. Prague 95
  14. Copenhagen 91
  15. Cologne 88 has revealed 3430 cheap flight deals starting from Europe.