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Free People Move—episode 16: Flystein, the genius powered flight search

We called up Roman Kalyakin, co-founder of Flystein, the “genius powered flight search”, to chat about what Flystein does, how they do it, and how it makes traveling on a budget a whole lot easier. Besides giving the podcast a listen, make sure you check out the guest post team Flystein wrote for us about […]


Free People Move episode 12: Your 30 a day – Paul Veugen from Human

In episode 12 of Teleport’s Free People Move podcast, Elen had a chat with Paul Veugen, CEO of Human – an activity tracker that inspires people to get out there and enjoy being active. Human was founded almost 3 years ago, with the idea of putting more focus on the inspiration aspect than the apps […]

Ave SF 2

Free People Move – episode 11: Ave Lauren on immigration in Silicon Valley

In episode 11 of Free People Move, we took a trip to the wonderfully Harry Potter-esque King’s College in Cambridge to have a chat with Ave Lauren – a PhD student specializing on economic geography. Ave visited the Teleport office in September to tell us about her research, and it was so interesting we could […]


Problem solved, money saved: Taavet Hinrikus and TransferWise

During one of the last sunny weekends in Estonia, Sten sat down in Saaremaa with Taavet Hinrikus, co-founder and CEO of TransferWise. Taavet has a long history of building awesome companies as well as frequently traveling around the globe. He became the first employee of Skype and started out by spending 7 years on that […]

Migreat Josephine

Free People Move: taking the pain out of migration

It’s podcast time! For this episode we sat down in lovely London to have a chat with Joséphine Goube, director of partnerships at Migreat – the true one stop shop for visa and immigration information. Joséphine grew up in a small town in France and then moved to Paris to study political science. After that […]


Podcast: the Rodolphe 8000 remote workers listen to every week

In episode 8 of Free People Move we have a talk with Rodolphe Dutel, who’s the founder of Remotive – a newsletter and job board for remote workers – and spends the other half of his time working at Buffer! Rodolphe was lucky to get into tech right after university and worked in several countries […]


Free People Move – Episode 7: Alexey Komissarouk and Hacker Paradise

For episode 7 of Free People Move, Elen sat down with Alexey Komissarouk, co-founder of Hacker Paradise – a traveling community for developers, designers and any other creative type that is up for a bit of a working adventure. We discuss Alexey’s background and how he almost unintentionally became nomadic by being born in Ukraine, […]


Free People Move – Episode 6: Bruno Haid from Caravanserai

In episode six we’re having a chat with Bruno Haid, co-founder of Caravanserai – a company on their way to starting a global co-living provider for professionals who seek a great work-life balance and don’t want to waste time piecing it together themselves. Bruno describes his earlier years – from spending his childhood in a […]

Tea time at Sektor5

Free People Move – Episode 5: Thomas Schranz from Blossom

In this episode of Free People Move, Sten got a hold of Thomas Schranz, co-founder of – a lightweight, yet incredibly insightful project management tool. Thomas tells us more about Blossom, how it works and the reasons why it’s perfect to help you track progress of software product development, especially in teams who don’t […]


Free People Move – episode 2: Good Luck Being Born Tomorrow

About a month ago, we published the very first episode of Teleport’s brand new podcast – Free People Move. It received a very warm welcome and we had a lot of great feedback, so – here’s part two! Sten and Silver recorded this episode in true Teleport style – Sten being in Palo Alto, California, […]


Free People Move – Teleport podcast

As Teleport’s team goes along developing the products across five countries, we keep running into people with amazing stories and opinions about discovering your best places, moving around, building startups with distributed teams, more and less nomadic lifestyles, remote work and the world in general. To share all of this with our friends and followers, […]