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Explore these new 33 cities

It’s time for another batch of locations added into Teleport Cities. Now that we’ve got over 250 places in the app, adding more means getting to the proper exciting city gems that you might have not even heard about! Having more cities in the app is great because it means you have more locations to […]


Here’s why you should come back

If you haven’t used Teleport Cities for a while, there’s a good chance you’ve been missing out on some pretty nifty stuff we’ve developed recently. Here’s what’s new. We try to take in our users’ feedback as frequently as possible and combine it with our own ideas for improving Teleport Cities and making it a […]


Trigger happy data

At Teleport data lair, we’re always busy adding new city data for users to compare and rank cities. Just recently, we added LGBT info and data on outdoors. The next addition rolling out will be detailed data on gun ownership and gun related crime. The number we’d like to show our users is the number […]


Have a question? Ask a local!

Pragmatic and straight-forward data is great. However, something we hear a lot from our users is the importance of being able to also connect and discuss with real people who have lived or are currently living in a city. Ask a Local has been available in Teleport Cities for a while now, but based on […]


Teleport ♥ Equaldex

We believe in tolerant societies. We also believe in readily available and transparent data on all aspects of life. That’s why we’ve kicked off a collaboration with Equaldex – a collaborative knowledge base for the LGBT movement. The team behind Equaldex aims to crowdsource every law related to LGBT rights to provide a comprehensive and […]


New locations in Teleport Cities

It’s time for another batch of locations added into Teleport Cities. We’re getting more and more ambitious with the amount of cities we add at a time—check out these 38 new places you can now discover! Having more cities in the app is great because it means you have more locations to discover and compare. […]


23 new locations in Teleport Cities

It was about time for another batch of awesome locations to make it into Teleport Cities. Check out these 23 new places that you can now dive into. Having more cities in the app is great because it means you have more locations to discover and compare. If you have any other ideas for cities […]


New preference options in Teleport Cities

We’ve rebuilt some preference selections in Teleport Cities to make defining your personal requirements more convenient and less cluttered. The preferences you choose in Teleport Cities before starting your discovery process are the basis for everything that’ll happen next – you can choose exactly what matters to you from 180 different data dimensions, squeezed into […]


All roads lead to Vienna

In Europe, all roads lead to Vienna, and there is something to learn from that. The other night I was playing around with Flock, Teleport’s app to find the best city for meeting  your distributed team. I imagined a situation where a team that has just one member in every European capital has to show […]


Nineteen new locations in Teleport Cities

Usually we add new locations to Teleport Cities a few at a time. This time we went a little nuts – check out these 19 (yes, nineteen) new places that you can now discover and compare. You might want to grab a cup of tea. Having more cities in the app is great because it […]

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 10.47.07

Salary comparisons in Teleport Cities

In Teleport Cities, we provide an overview of what to expect when moving to a new city. We offer information from environment and cultural scores to startup funding details. However, when moving between cities, one of the most practical pieces of information is the salary comparison. Because of this, we have just revamped the way […]


Meet Sundial 2.0

Remember Sundial – our tool for staying on top of your remote team’s locations and timezones? We’ve just made it a lot more awesome. Have you ever tried to schedule a meeting for a group of four? All working remotely. All in different time zones. All with yoga classes, basketball practices, kindergarten pick up times … […]


Newest arrivals to Teleport Cities

It seems like forever since we added more locations to Teleport Cities, so – here are 8 more brand new awesome places that you can now discover and compare. Having cities in the app is great because it means we can collect data about different locations and help you easily compare them to other places […]


Teleport ❤ Funderbeam

We like good data. You like good data. That’s why we’ve kicked off an extra sweet collaboration with Funderbeam that will make your Teleport Cities experience even better. Here’s what’s up. Teleport is all about helping you find your best place to live and work. To do that, we need to provide a ton of […]


Get your city on Teleport – a stellar example

We get a lot of questions and comments about certain locations not being on Teleport Cities yet. Here’s how you can make sure that your favourite cities get in on the action. Currently, there are 134 locations on Teleport Cities. These places don’t end up in the app depending on our developers’ mood or the […]


Plan your team’s budget with Teleport Runway

We’ve got a very exciting tool for team budget planning straight out of the oven – Teleport Runway helps you see how your team budget in your current city compares to other locations around the world. Salaries and other costs vary heavily in different cities around the world, and sometimes your first choice or current […]


Say hi to 6 new locations in Teleport Cities

You might have noticed that we have been on a roll with adding new locations to Teleport Cities lately. Well, there’s more where that came from! Here are the five new places you can now discover and compare. Having cities in the app is awesome because it means we can collect data about different locations […]

e-Resident card

Teleport collaboration with e-Residency

Today is a very special birthday for a very special occasion – exactly one year has passed since British journalist Edward Lucas became the world’s first e-resident and the Estonian e-Residency program was officially launched. As of today, more than 7200 people from 121 countries have joined and Estonian e-residents have established more than 240 […]


Compare locations on Teleport Cities

Ever wished you could pick a location on Teleport Cities and then compare it with another one? Well, get out your party hat, because now you can! It’s awesome to see information about your preferred destination, but what if you have two that you can’t really choose between or if you’re just curious about how […]


6 more locations in Teleport Cities. Really.

Last week we told you about nine new locations we added to Teleport Cities. Today, we’ll tell you about six more we’ve just added now. We’re on a roll, and not even sorry! Having cities in the app is awesome because it means we can collect data about different locations and help you easily compare […]


New locations in Teleport Cities

The Teleport Cities club has nine new arrivals today – welcome Beijing, Charlotte, Nashville, Cincinnati, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Mumbai, Manchester and Edinburgh! We’re now at a total of 115 cities for you to explore and compare. Having a city included in the app is useful because it means we collect data about it to help you […]


Share your team’s locations with the world

Teleport Sundial users can now share their remote team’s or group’s locations map in just a few clicks. Teleport Sundial is an awesome tool to use internally for your team to be able to keep tabs on where and in which timezone everyone is currently in. However, what if you want to share that beautiful […]

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Move to your best place to live and work with Teleport Cities

Teleport Cities helps you discover your best place to live and work in. We order the  130+ most creative cities in the world based on how your personal preferences match our salary, jobs & life quality data. The mobile app we released in the spring is now also available for a big screen experience in […]


New York Teleport: If you make it here…

We’ve just released New York Teleport to help you find your cost & commute optimal place to live in and around NYC – try out the bagel-warm public beta now and tell us what you think! Every since we released the Bay Area Teleport last November, New York has been the #1 requested next city […]


Teleport for Developers

We just kicked off our developer program! As a first teaser: check out how to add Teleport Widgets (life quality data about cities) to your website in 10 seconds. We set out to build the world’s largest pool of life quality data and help people make decisions on it (starting with our fancy UI’s). We’re […]


Teleport Directory for moving tools and resources

We’ve started a curated directory of resources for people moving to a new city – hand picked and regularly updated by team Teleport! Check it out! Let’s face it – moving can really suck. Luckily, there are countless services, resources and information out there to help you make the process as easy as possible. While […]


Help us make your city look great

There are several things you can do as a Teleport Cities (including the mobile app) user to make sure your favourite locations become the stars of the app: Vote for your city to be present Review our data and give us feedback Help other users by answering Ask a Local questions Sign up as a […]


Six new locations in Teleport Cities

We’ve got some new arrivals to Teleport Cities. Welcome Saint Petersburg, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Columbus, Mexico City and Portland (Maine) to the Teleport family! This means means we’re now at 110 places for you to explore and compare. Having a city included in the app is useful because it means we collect data about it to […]


Flock updates: book your trip and added place search features

Teleport Flock took a big leap forward today: you can now book the tickets and housing for your upcoming meetup in a few clicks! That should easily save busy office admins and distributed team leads some 27 browser tabs full of queries. Also, as a response to the requests of early Teleport Flock users, we’ve […]


Teleport City Pages

The Teleport Cities mobile app offers an in-depth overview of 104 startup cities around the world. Now you can easily access and link to a good chunk of that information outside of the app on the Teleport website as well – City Pages are just right for when you need to have a look at […]


Ask a Local, multi-currency and budget updates

The latest version of Teleport for Startup Cities mobile app is now available on both iOS and Android! Ever since releasing the app, we’ve been gathering feedback and making improvements to make sure that it’s up to date with what our users want and need. This time along we’ve added a few brand new nifty […]


New locations in Teleport for Startup Cities App

We hope you’ve had a great experience using Teleport for Startup Cities so far! We’ve gotten a whole lot of awesome feedback from our users and based on it will keep improving the app as we go along. We started out with the 100 most startup friendly cities around the world for you to explore […]


Where in the World Should Your Team Flock? Ask Teleport!

Hello, free people on the move! Another week and another release from Teleport, which we are really hoping will make you happy. We are proud to present a simple tool called Teleport Flock, that lets groups of people discover and budget their next get-together anywhere in the world. “Birds of a feather flock together,” as […]


Launch: Teleport Cities Mobile App

(EDIT: Teleport Cities is now also available on the web if you want to try it immediately. Or download the mobile apps: Android, iOS) Today is an exciting day for all startup people on the move. Here at Teleport we are just giddy to release the first version of a brand new mobile app for […]


Bay Area Teleport Adds Nifty Links and Lyft Coverage

It’s been 7 weeks since the public Bay Area Teleport release (see the original announcement) and we just pushed out a release number three. Getting into a rhythm! I wanted to share three things about this one: How to create smart links to help other people run Teleport searches New data layer: search by Lyft […]


Bay Area Schools, Trains & 4G Now Searchable

This morning we released an update to the Bay Area Teleport, the first technology preview of our place scouting software we started rolling out in November. We have really enjoyed the early interest and really insightful feedback from early adopters like you. Reacting to what we’ve heard from you we have added a number of improvements today: First of all, we did […]


Place Scout for Startup People: the Silicon Valley Release

Teleport is releasing the first public preview of our place scouting tech today. If you’re really impatient you could jump straight to the link in the end of this post, but first I’d love to give you some context for what we’re up to. When we announced Teleport back in May, I shared some ideas about […]