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A chat with Ben Horowitz

Ben Horowitz, cofounder and General Partner of the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz (also one of our investors) stopped by the Teleport office on his recent visit to Tallinn. Here’s a video recap of the meetup. Ben was in Tallinn a few weeks ago for a board meeting with TransferWise—a16z’s biggest investment outside of Silicon […]

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Visa tips for remote workers

One of the best perks of remote work is the ability to travel and work at the same time. However, this freedom is sometimes curbed by the need for visas to travel. Here are a few basics and visa tips for other remote workers who love to travel (but don’t necessarily have the best passport […]


The epic list of 99 remote working tools

Team Teleport lives and breathes remote work. With employees in different locations around the world, we know the challenges this arrangement can involve. Luckily, it can be made a lot easier with the right tools. Working remotely offers a great degree of freedom and flexibility, but not having everyone in the same place also requires […]


How to improve productivity when working (remotely)

Last year I wrote a blog post about the 3 main roadblocks I encountered when learning to work remotely. The first thing I mentioned was that time management, productivity and discipline is suddenly all up to you. Little did I know that this would become the thing I’d have to work the hardest to conquer. […]


Best sites for temporary housing

Looking for something more exciting (and affordable) housing wise than booking a hotel for a few nights, but less than a permanent rent contract? We made a list of 13 websites specializing in primarily short-term accommodation – whether it’s daily to weekly rentals or places that allow you to stay from a few months to […]


12 months, 8 new products for 100k new users

April 1st means much more to team Teleport than the usual jokes – it’s our birthday. Last year we were busy looking forward (and we still are!), but this year we’ve got a set of first achievements to look back on as well. Here’s where we’ve come in our second year. First things first – we might […]


Remote workers: find your personal power hours

Working from 9 to 5 – what a way to make a livin’. The song is awesome, but the actual practice is pretty outdated. Yet, these hours are still firmly enforced by a lot of workplaces. Let’s talk about why it might be better for you to abandon that ship (if you can). I first […]


Teleport+Roam+Hitlist meetup in NY

In December last year, we had our first ever Teleport user meetup in San Francisco, which was super cool beyond all our expectations. We couldn’t resist organizing another one – this time in The Big Apple! Last time we hogged the entire event for ourselves, but this time we were joined by our friends at […]


Free People Move – meet Anthony

Nothing makes us happier than people reaching out and sharing their experience of making a move with a little help from Teleport – and why would we keep them to ourselves? Let’s kick it off with Anthony, who recently Teleported from Paris to Auckland. Everyone say hi! Hello! Who are you? Hey there! Anthony here, […]


Meet Sundial 2.0

Remember Sundial – our tool for staying on top of your remote team’s locations and timezones? We’ve just made it a lot more awesome. Have you ever tried to schedule a meeting for a group of four? All working remotely. All in different time zones. All with yoga classes, basketball practices, kindergarten pick up times … […]


Teleport’s top 10 blog posts in 2015

How could we go into 2016 and not do an overview of the 10 most read posts on our blog in 2015? Here they are! Not only does revisiting last year’s best content remind us of what we were thinking about during the first full year for team Teleport, it’s also been fun looking back […]


Make your move in 2016

What are your New Year’s resolutions? Is it something classic like losing weight or switching jobs? Whatever you’ve been thinking about, how about instead you move to a new location and achieve several goals at once? We’ll help you – here’s why. Say you want to lose 20 pounds in 2016. That’s great – healthy […]


Plan your team’s budget with Teleport Runway

We’ve got a very exciting tool for team budget planning straight out of the oven – Teleport Runway helps you see how your team budget in your current city compares to other locations around the world. Salaries and other costs vary heavily in different cities around the world, and sometimes your first choice or current […]


Writing: A Key to Effective Communication in a Remote Team

Being good at writing is important in any job. This is crucial in a distributed team. Founders who are building a distributed team should focus on this skill, and those who feel attracted to starting a remote career should make sure that they are able to embrace such a strange path. You may think that […]


How to ask your employer to let you do remote work (and deal with a “no”)

As much as distributed teams are becoming more common, there are still plenty of “traditional” companies out there who aren’t all too excited about allowing remote work. Here are a few tips on handling the situation of having to ask for more flexibility. Whether you want or need to work remotely for a one-off time […]

Sara high-res long view, Dec 2014

The queen of remote work – Sara Sutton Fell

You know how much we like catching up with exceptional people people and companies who share a similar vision to Teleport. This time we interviewed Sara Sutton Fell – the CEO and founder of FlexJobs, a website for telecommuting, flexible, freelance and part-time job listings, and founder of and the 1 Million for Work […]


Teleport’s internal tips for communication in remote work

Having everyone in the same room is a rare luxury for Team Teleport. Here are some of our main behaviours, guidelines and rules for making sure communication stays effective inside our distributed team. Our employees are currently spread between 5 countries around the world. The company has been remote-ready from day zero – but that […]

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Outsite: stay, work & play in beautiful places

Outsite is a new retreat concept for professionals, entrepreneurs, groups and digital nomads who want to get away and get focused. We had a chat with Emmanuel Guisset, founder of Outsite, to find out more about the concept and what the team is up to. Emmanuel – tell us a bit about yourself and your […]


Interview with Startup Diaries

We love catching up with people and companies who have the same vision as Teleport. A little while ago, we came across Startup Diaries – a team hitting the roads on a mission to discover alternative working models from Santiago de Chile to Sao Paulo. We asked Fabian, one of the team members, to bring […]


Free People Move – Episode 7: Alexey Komissarouk and Hacker Paradise

For episode 7 of Free People Move, Elen sat down with Alexey Komissarouk, co-founder of Hacker Paradise – a traveling community for developers, designers and any other creative type that is up for a bit of a working adventure. We discuss Alexey’s background and how he almost unintentionally became nomadic by being born in Ukraine, […]


Free People Move – Episode 6: Bruno Haid from Caravanserai

In episode six we’re having a chat with Bruno Haid, co-founder of Caravanserai – a company on their way to starting a global co-living provider for professionals who seek a great work-life balance and don’t want to waste time piecing it together themselves. Bruno describes his earlier years – from spending his childhood in a […]


Where in the World Should Your Team Flock? Ask Teleport!

Hello, free people on the move! Another week and another release from Teleport, which we are really hoping will make you happy. We are proud to present a simple tool called Teleport Flock, that lets groups of people discover and budget their next get-together anywhere in the world. “Birds of a feather flock together,” as […]


Best sites for finding your dream remote job

We’ve put together a list of remote job sites as well as sites with a remote filter to tell you what they’re for, how well they work and also added a comparison table in the end to give you a quick overview. Teleport knows that quality of work doesn’t necessarily depend on your physical location. […]


Teleport’s favourite tools for remote teamwork

Teleport is a truly distributed team – we have full time employees in Tallinn, Munich, Paris and Cambridge, more help from Tartu and a roaming co-founder who was most recently spotted in Canada. Having the entire team in the same room is a rare luxury for us – letting our people live where they want […]


Remote working in Thule

  Tanel’s office location at the end of Sõrve Peninsula on Saaremaa, Estonia I’m standing just outside my friend’s remote office here on Sõrve Peninsula on Saaremaa. When growing up, this place with its far-reaching extension into the Baltic sea, always felt like the very end of the world to me. Little did I know […]


The Fly Always Remains

The following is a horror story for any digital nomad. As a strategic consultant I solve communication problems. My clients want to discuss serious issues that need an outsider’s gaze. My job allows me some travel and work from remote locations like the village of Olivella near Barcelona from where I was doing consulting over Skype in […]