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“So, you’re like Tinder for cities?”

Airbnb for dogs? Uber for vegetables? These comparisons are everywhere right now, and we’re not an exception. Is Teleport like Tinder for cities? Who knows where the Tinder for cities thing really started. We’ve thought about it, we might have said it a few times, and then, suddenly, it was in nearly every article written […]


Which challenges do governments face in a new mobile world?

Sten Tamkivi, CEO of Teleport, took the stage at the Future of Identity 2016 conference in Tallinn today, discussing knowledge work, what it means, how mobility is changing the world and what kind of challenges that poses to governments. Here’s a recap. The 2016 Future of Identity conference in Tallinn features the topics of identity, […]


A chat with Ben Horowitz

Ben Horowitz, cofounder and General Partner of the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz (also one of our investors) stopped by the Teleport office on his recent visit to Tallinn. Here’s a video recap of the meetup. Ben was in Tallinn a few weeks ago for a board meeting with TransferWise—a16z’s biggest investment outside of Silicon […]


Teleport Flock: WSA Global Champion

In October last year, Teleport Flock was announced as one of the World Summit Award Winners 2015 in the Culture & Tourism category. Last week, we took home the Global Champion title from the WSA Innovation Congress in Singapore. The World Summit Award selects and promotes the world’s best e-Content and innovative information and communication […]

Parag Khanna speaks at TED2016 - Dream, February 15-19, 2016, Vancouver Convention Center, Vancouver, Canada. Photo: Bret Hartman / TED

Parag Khanna joins Teleport as Advisor

Teleport is pleased to announce that Parag Khanna will be joining team Teleport as an advisor, assisting us with product development and communicating our message to the world. Parag Khanna is a leading global strategist, world traveler, and best-selling author. He is a CNN Global Contributor and Senior Research Fellow in the Centre on Asia […]


Team Teleport reads mean feedback

We take every single bit of feedback from our users very seriously. This includes people who are hilariously blunt with their opinions. A few months ago we received a particularly spicy comment about one of our products. After having a chat about it, we decided to turn our frown upside down and look at the […]


12 months, 8 new products for 100k new users

April 1st means much more to team Teleport than the usual jokes – it’s our birthday. Last year we were busy looking forward (and we still are!), but this year we’ve got a set of first achievements to look back on as well. Here’s where we’ve come in our second year. First things first – we might […]


Remote workers: find your personal power hours

Working from 9 to 5 – what a way to make a livin’. The song is awesome, but the actual practice is pretty outdated. Yet, these hours are still firmly enforced by a lot of workplaces. Let’s talk about why it might be better for you to abandon that ship (if you can). I first […]


Teleport+Roam+Hitlist meetup in NY

In December last year, we had our first ever Teleport user meetup in San Francisco, which was super cool beyond all our expectations. We couldn’t resist organizing another one – this time in The Big Apple! Last time we hogged the entire event for ourselves, but this time we were joined by our friends at […]


Startups, revenues and Zen

“The service is cool and all, but still – how does Teleport make money?”. We get this question a lot. Most startups do. Whether they should be able to answer that or not really depends on the phase the startup is in. A pre-revenue startup must focus on proving that they are doing something people […]

City similarity visualization

Visualizing city similarity

This blog post explains an alternative way to figure out how similar cities are. After you read it, you will realize why I think Madison and Reykjavik are very similar cities.   Teleport Cities allows you to research the most interesting cities in the world using a sophisticated scoring system that compares and contrasts them. […]


Ideas instead of places

I’ve been completely hooked by the word wanderlust. There is a mixture of excitement, foreign spices and long journeys in the sound of this word. Maybe it’s logical that this word itself is foreign, being lent from German –  wandern means to hike and lust – desire. When I saw Rebecca Solnit’s book titled “Wanderlust” […]


Retired US Ambassador Jeff Levine joins Teleport

We’re announcing an awesome addition to the team today: everyone, say hi to Jeffrey D. Levine, who is joining Teleport to lead our User Engagement efforts. Having a lifelong diplomat on Team Teleport as his first tech startup job is absolutely fantastic, and we’re extremely excited to learn from his personal experience of making 17 […]


Teleport is an Estonian American Innovation Award winner

The best in innovation and entrepreneurial cooperation between Estonians and Americans was celebrated on January 27th, and Teleport walked out with the title of Most Innovative Newcomer! This was the 5th annual competition which was initiated in 2011 as a cooperative project of AmCham Estonia, the Baltic-American Freedom Foundation, and the U.S. Embassy, and recognizes […]


Teleport’s top 10 blog posts in 2015

How could we go into 2016 and not do an overview of the 10 most read posts on our blog in 2015? Here they are! Not only does revisiting last year’s best content remind us of what we were thinking about during the first full year for team Teleport, it’s also been fun looking back […]


Make your move in 2016

What are your New Year’s resolutions? Is it something classic like losing weight or switching jobs? Whatever you’ve been thinking about, how about instead you move to a new location and achieve several goals at once? We’ll help you – here’s why. Say you want to lose 20 pounds in 2016. That’s great – healthy […]


Teleport user meetup in San Francisco

Yesterday was one of the coolest landmarks in the history of Teleport – we had our very first user meetup in San Francisco! Here’s a little overview of how it went, who came along and what we discussed. The most awesome thing about our first ever user get-together was that the idea was actually not […]


Teleport at Slush 2015

What’s November for a tech startup without going to Slush? Sten and Joonathan attended this year’s event in Helsinki to check out what’s new and spread the word about Teleport to entrepreneurs from around the world. Slush is the focal point for entrepreneurs and tech talent to meet with top-tier international investors, executives and media. […]


Here’s what’s new at

As you might have noticed, we’ve updated to optimize the experience for our users. Here are some of the main changes we made that will hopefully make browsing a lot more easier. You can now log into Teleport Cities or just quickly search for a specific location directly on the front page. The search […]


Shortcutting Effort

Technological progress is the creation of shortcuts. These shortcuts allow us to go from wanting to accomplish something to having done it by spending orders of magnitude less effort than we would need to invest otherwise. Instead of having to spend weeks to cross the Atlantic on a ship we now hop on a plane […]


Teleport Flock is a WSA Winner 2015!

We’ve got some very exciting news to share with you today! Teleport Flock is one of the World Summit Awards Winners 2015 in the Culture & Tourism category. The World Summit Award selects and promotes the world’s best e-Content and innovative information and communication technology applications. The award is partnered with the key United Nations […]


Teleport’s internal tips for communication in remote work

Having everyone in the same room is a rare luxury for Team Teleport. Here are some of our main behaviours, guidelines and rules for making sure communication stays effective inside our distributed team. Our employees are currently spread between 5 countries around the world. The company has been remote-ready from day zero – but that […]


Leaked Memo on Teleport Lessons

About 18 months have passed since founding Teleport, 10 months since our first big public release, 6 months since our mobile app and one month since Teleport Cities, the web based global life search, become our centerpiece. Not to mention our little “side projects” like Teleport Flock, Teleport Sundial and early revenue experiments around Teleport […]


The Network State

Last week, Teleport’s founders took part of the symposium of the Estonia’s Friends International Meeting, “Quo vadis, Estonia?” which this year was themed around digital entity. Besides Toomas Hendrik Ilves, President of Estonia, the second keynote speaker was the CEO of 21 and Teleport’s co-founder Balaji Srinivasan. The event was moderated by Teleport’s CEO Sten […]


Checklist: how to move to the San Francisco Bay Area

Planning a move? Don’t know where to start? We put together the mother of all sample checklists for moving to the San Francisco Bay Area. Update: since writing this post, we’ve built an actual checklist tool for planning and executing your move – to San Francisco or elsewhere. Check out Teleport Zen – and let […]


The Fading American Dream

Imagine telling an audience of young people struggling with their US immigration process (that can take up to 20 years) that you just gave up on your green card process a few months short of adjustment of status. That’s exactly what I did at the Startup Weekend Immigration event in San Francisco. After a brief moment […]


Slipping away

I am ten thousand twelve kilometers away from home. Yet I am home. For more than eighteen years of my life, I have lived in several cities different from where I was born and, for at least fourteen, I have mainly spoken a language other than my own. I probably don’t qualify as the typical […]


Here’s How I just Extended My Life

Silver Keskküla served Skype as the first researcher of the core team. He has lived in 9 countries and is co-founder of Teleport, where he helps people to discover their best place to live and work.   A cool thing about moving to another country is that your life gets longer. Last year I calculated, that I should move […]


Free People Move – episode 2: Good Luck Being Born Tomorrow

About a month ago, we published the very first episode of Teleport’s brand new podcast – Free People Move. It received a very warm welcome and we had a lot of great feedback, so – here’s part two! Sten and Silver recorded this episode in true Teleport style – Sten being in Palo Alto, California, […]


Why Do We Lie About Laptops On The Beach?

As a kid, my life changed when I saw a somewhat portable Apple Macintosh unboxed in the movie Short Circuit. Before that day I had daydreamed about girls, now I dreamt about girls AND my own Macintosh. As it turns out, the appearance of Macintosh was a product placement by Apple, a perfect move, the […]


Good Luck Being Born Tomorrow! (part 2 of 2)

Since my controversial post last week, 2.4 million more babies were born into this world, 97% of them into places that lack certain freedoms. Opinions vary on which of these freedoms are more important than others, but the fact remains – No one is born into a perfect place. Add a few more layers to […]


Good luck being born tomorrow! (Part 1 of 2)

Silver Keskküla served Skype as the first researcher of the core team. He has lived in 9 countries and is co-founder of Teleport, where he helps people to discover their best place to live and work.   97% of people born tomorrow will be in a country that is authoritarian, communist, doesn’t support same sex marriage, does […]


Teleport turns one

April 1st, formerly known as the international day of humor, marks the first birthday of Teleport, Inc – as we count it from our official incorporation date. During that year, our team has grown from three co-founders to about a dozen people: eight full time team members and several freelance experts for additional help. Teleport […]


Kauppalehti interview with Teleport’s CEO Sten Tamkivi

Silicon Valley is the Mecca tech talent globally turns their faces to. Yet, if you choose to base your company in Silicon Valley, you have decided to be in one of the most expensive places in the world. There is a lot of discussion about all the reasons to be in Silicon Valley, but what […]


Free People Move – Teleport podcast

As Teleport’s team goes along developing the products across five countries, we keep running into people with amazing stories and opinions about discovering your best places, moving around, building startups with distributed teams, more and less nomadic lifestyles, remote work and the world in general. To share all of this with our friends and followers, […]


Should Startup Employees Have Health Insurance?

Benefits are an important part of your employees’ compensation package, and healthcare is one of the top benefits you can offer. Employers often have to seriously consider whether healthcare is a benefit they should provide. Even if the answer is yes, it is difficult and costly to implement depending on where your startup and employees are based […]


Here’s what I learned when moving to Colombia

About a month ago I wrote about Another Kind of Silicon Valley Exit and how I systematically arrived to Colombia as the next place I should live at. Here’s some of the stuff I have learned from my move so far. Only two weeks short of my trip I realized I haven’t looked into vaccinations. […]


Teleport’s favourite tools for remote teamwork

Teleport is a truly distributed team – we have full time employees in Tallinn, Munich, Paris and Cambridge, more help from Tartu and a roaming co-founder who was most recently spotted in Canada. Having the entire team in the same room is a rare luxury for us – letting our people live where they want […]


Interview with is a successful team of experienced entrepreneurs, financial professionals and legal advisors committed to a global vision of digital currency. We asked them a few questions Teleport style – here’s what we found out. 1)     Has your company relocated in the past before? is a fairly new startup and this is our first […]

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Startup Incubators of Silicon Valley

We just released a simple tool for founders looking to join a startup incubation program as their stepping stone into Silicon Valley. Figuring out an affordable and commute-optimal location in San Francisco Bay Area is getting harder by the week, even for a few-months stay. Hope the Bay Area Teleport will help your research. Last […]


Another Kind of Silicon Valley Exit

Lately I have been asking myself more and more – why am I in Silicon Valley? The living costs are getting ridiculous and at the end of the day I’m mostly just sitting behind a computer. There must be a place similarly suited for me given what currently matters in my life. I decided to […]


Top 8 Barriers Holding Us Back From Moving Around

Even as more and more people are choosing to move around the world, there are legitimate reasons why many others still haven’t made their move yet. I went around and asked a few dozen people what factors are holding them back from moving. Here are the top responses. They would have to find new jobs. Many current […]


Teleport in Ten Minutes

Fresh after the release of our first public preview product, the Teleport Bay Area life search tool and announcing our clarified focus to help startup people to on the move I headed over to one of my favorite startup conferences in the world: Slush in Helsinki, Finland. The video below is the Teleport story in ten minutes: why we can’t […]


Rise of Competitive Tax Systems

Like many other unpleasant things in life, taxes are unavoidable. In most countries, including the United States, there are hundreds of different taxes, and even more forms for filing them. Our tax code is so convoluted that some tax experts can’t even agree on how to file a sample tax return. “The rules are confusing, […]


The future is already here

… it’s just not evenly distributed. This brilliant quote from William Gibson perfectly captured what it felt like at DCBKK 2014 in Bangkok, a conference for digital nomads and location independent professionals. The gentleman who quoted Gibson is living and working in SE Asia and using geo-arbitrage (taking advantage of cost of living disparities in different locations) to […]


Communal Living in the Bay Area

Some of the more common complaints I hear from my friends about post-college life include the lack of affordable housing options, old friends drifting apart, and the challenges of meeting new ones. During college, many students either shared apartments with their friends or lived in the dorms. As a result, their cost of living was […]


Renting: From Pragmatic To Cool

In the past, home ownership has been seen as a crucial pillar in achieving the American dream. With the growing disparity between rising real estate prices and stagnant wages, however, many people have instead turned to renting. Recently, the New York Times prepared a break-even analysis of renting a home vs. buying one. The general […]

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Bay Area Test + Seed Funding

Today is a great day for Teleport. After a very busy summer, we are rolling out the first broad test of our search engine for digital nomads.


Nomads On Wheels

Many people who are truly passionate about their nomadic lifestyle often decide to turn their worldly possessions–including their homes–completely mobile. Usually, this transition requires some downsizing and a few other material sacrifices. In exchange for abandoning their static lifestyles, these nomads are given much more opportunities to “go wherever whim and chance might take them.” […]


Remote working in Thule

  Tanel’s office location at the end of Sõrve Peninsula on Saaremaa, Estonia I’m standing just outside my friend’s remote office here on Sõrve Peninsula on Saaremaa. When growing up, this place with its far-reaching extension into the Baltic sea, always felt like the very end of the world to me. Little did I know […]


Migration Trends in Silicon Valley

In the United States, migration trends have been among the most interesting social data sets to examine. Within these macro trends, migration in and out of Silicon Valley in particular stands out as the most fascinating and impactful in terms of sheer numbers as well as diversity and talent. Silicon Valley is rapidly outpacing the […]


Education for Young Digital Nomads

Digital nomads often bring their entire families with them on their journeys around the world. When we talk to these roaming families while designing the upcoming Teleport search experience, they often tell us that their children’s education is one of the most factors they consider when staying abroad. These children, who are often exposed to […]


Amazing Places Affordable With San Francisco Rent

San Francisco is widely regarded as one of the most expensive places to live in the world. To afford that rising cost, the median salary for software engineers in San Francisco has soared to $100,000. Given that many of these engineers could in theory work from anywhere on the face of the earth, I started wondering: […]


The Fly Always Remains

The following is a horror story for any digital nomad. As a strategic consultant I solve communication problems. My clients want to discuss serious issues that need an outsider’s gaze. My job allows me some travel and work from remote locations like the village of Olivella near Barcelona from where I was doing consulting over Skype in […]


Discovering My Freedom

Can you imagine a life in a cell for years, only to learn that the cell door wasn’t even locked? This happened to me and I feel embarrassed that I didn’t even try to think outside of my fictional prison. During the last 9 years of perfect remote working capability at Skype I only moved […]


Commute Does Not Compute

My friends who commute more than two hours in total each day tell me that commuting is okay and that they have somehow harmlessly fitted the commuting time into their lives. In their SUVs they make calls, listen to podcasts and mull over some important topics at work. They say that they are happy doing […]


Just Enough Friction

It is generally agreed that diasporas are the most important drivers of migration. When you arrive in a foreign country or even just a new city it is the people like you that are already there who tend to give you advantages from information to material support. New Russian arrivals are better off in Brighton […]


The Nomad With a Thousand Faces

As digital nomads become the talk of the town it is fascinating to see how the way of life finds followers from wide array of professions. Just consider these few examples: 1. Artist. You can work with materials, capture the imagery (or let it be captured by others), then wait for it to become viral. Anywhere in the world. […]

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Welcome to Teleport

Technology these days likes to be called mobile. But it is way more interesting how that technology is making us people more free to move around. We live in a mobile society.