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New preference options in Teleport Cities

We’ve rebuilt some preference selections in Teleport Cities to make defining your personal requirements more convenient and less cluttered. The preferences you choose in Teleport Cities before starting your discovery process are the basis for everything that’ll happen next – you can choose exactly what matters to you from 180 different data dimensions, squeezed into […]


Vote for your city to be in the app

Is your city not one of the locations in Teleport Cities yet? Here’s how you can vote for it to make sure it ends up in the next batch of locations we add. Teleport Cities now includes data on 150+ most creative cities around the world. Having a city included in the app is useful […]


Share your team’s locations with the world

Teleport Sundial users can now share their remote team’s or group’s locations map in just a few clicks. Teleport Sundial is an awesome tool to use internally for your team to be able to keep tabs on where and in which timezone everyone is currently in. However, what if you want to share that beautiful […]


Help us make your city look great

There are several things you can do as a Teleport Cities (including the mobile app) user to make sure your favourite locations become the stars of the app: Vote for your city to be present Review our data and give us feedback Help other users by answering Ask a Local questions Sign up as a […]


Housing prices overview

Finding your new home is one of the most important things to get done when moving. It’s good to know the basics of rent prices in your new city so you know more or less what you should take into consideration. Teleport Cities gives you a general overview of approximate rent prices for a 1 […]


Flock updates: book your trip and added place search features

Teleport Flock took a big leap forward today: you can now book the tickets and housing for your upcoming meetup in a few clicks! That should easily save busy office admins and distributed team leads some 27 browser tabs full of queries. Also, as a response to the requests of early Teleport Flock users, we’ve […]


Get there using Teleport Scouts

We’re very aware of how daunting moving can be. Teleport Cities is not about only finding your best place – we want to help you do that and help you actually get there with as little hassle as possible. Behind every city’s details in both the mobile and web app, right next to the Ask […]


Personalizing Teleport Cities

When you started out with Teleport Cities mobile app, you chose some preferences and told us a bit about yourself, based on which we calculated your initial match with different startup cities. You can get even better results by personalizing the app to make sure it’s a perfectly exact match to what matters to you. […]


Sharing your search results

So, you’ve chosen your preferences and found out the cities that suit you best. Now, why not share those results with your friends to ask for their input or start a conversation about any other options? After we built Teleport Cities mobile app, we noticed that a lot of people were already sharing their results […]


Job searching in Teleport Cities mobile app

In the previous Teleport Cities feature post we covered the budget upside and downside feature that gives you information about how your budget would change for the better or worse if you relocated to another city. In addition to your match score and budget breakdown in a city’s detail view, there’s also a widget that […]


Budget upside and downside

Your finances are one of the most important things to consider when planning your move. When you first start using Teleport Cities, we’ll ask you about your current income and rent and compare it to budget estimates we’ve gathered on all the startup cities. This way we can help you understand how and why your […]


Following cities

Cities are dynamic and constantly changing. It pays off to follow cities you’ve been to, lived in or even dream of moving to, just to get important updates about them. These could be big changes in rent prices, job opportunities in new startups, cheap flight deals for quick visits, tax filing reminders, updates on friends […]


Understanding your match score

In our first Teleport Cities feature post last week, we talked about choosing your preferences. Now let’s move on to how that helps you compare the cities that match you best! Once you’re all done with choosing your preferences and inserting information, Teleport compares it to over a hundred data layers we’ve gathered for cities […]


How to pick your preferences

Now that the Teleport Cities app is out there for you to enjoy, we’ll start posting a short feature spotlight every week to introduce the main elements of the app, both web and mobile. We hope this will help you get most out of the software we’ve built for you — and if anything remains […]