May 2016


Team Teleport reads mean feedback

We take every single bit of feedback from our users very seriously. This includes people who are hilariously blunt with their opinions. A few months ago we received a particularly spicy comment about one of our products. After having a chat about it, we decided to turn our frown upside down and look at the […]


Best sites for temporary housing

Looking for something more exciting (and affordable) housing wise than booking a hotel for a few nights, but less than a permanent rent contract? We made a list of 13 websites specializing in primarily short-term accommodation – whether it’s daily to weekly rentals or places that allow you to stay from a few months to […]

April 2016


Teleport March Newsletter

Hi, friends! March was an incredibly awesome month, and we owe much of it to you. April 1st meant much more to us than pranks – it was team Teleport’s second birthday and we got the amazing present of reaching 100k users – thank you! Not only did we have a celebratory cake party on […]


12 months, 8 new products for 100k new users

April 1st means much more to team Teleport than the usual jokes – it’s our birthday. Last year we were busy looking forward (and we still are!), but this year we’ve got a set of first achievements to look back on as well. Here’s where we’ve come in our second year. First things first – we might […]

March 2016


Remote workers: find your personal power hours

Working from 9 to 5 – what a way to make a livin’. The song is awesome, but the actual practice is pretty outdated. Yet, these hours are still firmly enforced by a lot of workplaces. Let’s talk about why it might be better for you to abandon that ship (if you can). I first […]


Teleport+Roam+Hitlist meetup in NY

In December last year, we had our first ever Teleport user meetup in San Francisco, which was super cool beyond all our expectations. We couldn’t resist organizing another one – this time in The Big Apple! Last time we hogged the entire event for ourselves, but this time we were joined by our friends at […]


Free People Move – meet Anthony

Nothing makes us happier than people reaching out and sharing their experience of making a move with a little help from Teleport – and why would we keep them to ourselves? Let’s kick it off with Anthony, who recently Teleported from Paris to Auckland. Everyone say hi! Hello! Who are you? Hey there! Anthony here, […]


All roads lead to Vienna

In Europe, all roads lead to Vienna, and there is something to learn from that. The other night I was playing around with Flock, Teleport’s app to find the best city for meeting  your distributed team. I imagined a situation where a team that has just one member in every European capital has to show […]


Nineteen new locations in Teleport Cities

Usually we add new locations to Teleport Cities a few at a time. This time we went a little nuts – check out these 19 (yes, nineteen) new places that you can now discover and compare. You might want to grab a cup of tea. Having more cities in the app is great because it […]


Startups, revenues and Zen

“The service is cool and all, but still – how does Teleport make money?”. We get this question a lot. Most startups do. Whether they should be able to answer that or not really depends on the phase the startup is in. A pre-revenue startup must focus on proving that they are doing something people […]

February 2016

City similarity visualization

Visualizing city similarity

This blog post explains an alternative way to figure out how similar cities are. After you read it, you will realize why I think Madison and Reykjavik are very similar cities.   Teleport Cities allows you to research the most interesting cities in the world using a sophisticated scoring system that compares and contrasts them. […]

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 10.47.07

Salary comparisons in Teleport Cities

In Teleport Cities, we provide an overview of what to expect when moving to a new city. We offer information from environment and cultural scores to startup funding details. However, when moving between cities, one of the most practical pieces of information is the salary comparison. Because of this, we have just revamped the way […]


Ideas instead of places

I’ve been completely hooked by the word wanderlust. There is a mixture of excitement, foreign spices and long journeys in the sound of this word. Maybe it’s logical that this word itself is foreign, being lent from German –  wandern means to hike and lust – desire. When I saw Rebecca Solnit’s book titled “Wanderlust” […]


Teleport January newsletter

Hello, beautiful people! We’ve successfully rolled into 2016! Here’s what happened in January: Team Teleport gained a very exciting member – retired US Ambassador Jeff Levine joined us to lead our User Engagement efforts. We kicked off a collaboration with Funderbeam to bring you top notch data about startup scenes in locations around the world. […]


Retired US Ambassador Jeff Levine joins Teleport

We’re announcing an awesome addition to the team today: everyone, say hi to Jeffrey D. Levine, who is joining Teleport to lead our User Engagement efforts. Having a lifelong diplomat on Team Teleport as his first tech startup job is absolutely fantastic, and we’re extremely excited to learn from his personal experience of making 17 […]

January 2016


Meet Sundial 2.0

Remember Sundial – our tool for staying on top of your remote team’s locations and timezones? We’ve just made it a lot more awesome. Have you ever tried to schedule a meeting for a group of four? All working remotely. All in different time zones. All with yoga classes, basketball practices, kindergarten pick up times … […]

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