January 2016

Meet Sundial 2.0

Remember Sundial - our tool for staying on top of your remote team's locations and timezones? We've just made it a lot more awesome.

Teleport ❤ Funderbeam

We like good data. You like good data. That’s why we’ve kicked off an extra sweet collaboration with Funderbeam that will make your Teleport Cities exper...

December 2015

A day with Team Teleport

I had an amazing opportunity to be the work shadow (an occasion where high school students can choose a professional working in the area they're interest...

November 2015

New locations in Teleport Cities

The Teleport Cities club has nine new arrivals today - welcome Beijing, Charlotte, Nashville, Cincinnati, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Mumbai, Manchester and...

Vote for your city to be in the app

Is your city not one of the locations in Teleport Cities yet? Here’s how you can vote for it to make sure it ends up in the next batch of locations we add.

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