November 2015


Writing: A Key to Effective Communication in a Remote Team

Being good at writing is important in any job. This is crucial in a distributed team. Founders who are building a distributed team should focus on this skill, and those who feel attracted to starting a remote career should make sure that they are able to embrace such a strange path. You may think that […]


Where are Baltic capitals in the global tech landscape?

This research was compiled as an input for policy discussions at Riga Venture Summit to illustrate how Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius could increase their competitiveness in the global war for startups and talent. The presentation slides are also available on SlideShare. Teleport collects data on more than a hundred cities worldwide. From the vast amount […]


Five people with extremely unconventional homes

Housing can be a lot more difficult than just choosing a place and moving in. Sometimes, when the situation calls for it, creativity and innovation come in handy. Here are five stories of people that have disregarded the “traditional” way of living and found their place on their own terms. Regardless of whether it’s because […]

October 2015


Free People Move episode 12: Your 30 a day – Paul Veugen from Human

In episode 12 of Teleport’s Free People Move podcast, Elen had a chat with Paul Veugen, CEO of Human – an activity tracker that inspires people to get out there and enjoy being active. Human was founded almost 3 years ago, with the idea of putting more focus on the inspiration aspect than the apps […]


Here’s what’s new at

As you might have noticed, we’ve updated to optimize the experience for our users. Here are some of the main changes we made that will hopefully make browsing a lot more easier. You can now log into Teleport Cities or just quickly search for a specific location directly on the front page. The search […]


How to ask your employer to let you do remote work (and deal with a “no”)

As much as distributed teams are becoming more common, there are still plenty of “traditional” companies out there who aren’t all too excited about allowing remote work. Here are a few tips on handling the situation of having to ask for more flexibility. Whether you want or need to work remotely for a one-off time […]

Ave SF 2

Free People Move – episode 11: Ave Lauren on immigration in Silicon Valley

In episode 11 of Free People Move, we took a trip to the wonderfully Harry Potter-esque King’s College in Cambridge to have a chat with Ave Lauren – a PhD student specializing on economic geography. Ave visited the Teleport office in September to tell us about her research, and it was so interesting we could […]


Shortcutting Effort

Technological progress is the creation of shortcuts. These shortcuts allow us to go from wanting to accomplish something to having done it by spending orders of magnitude less effort than we would need to invest otherwise. Instead of having to spend weeks to cross the Atlantic on a ship we now hop on a plane […]

Sara high-res long view, Dec 2014

The queen of remote work – Sara Sutton Fell

You know how much we like catching up with exceptional people people and companies who share a similar vision to Teleport. This time we interviewed Sara Sutton Fell – the CEO and founder of FlexJobs, a website for telecommuting, flexible, freelance and part-time job listings, and founder of and the 1 Million for Work […]


Teleport Flock is a WSA Winner 2015!

We’ve got some very exciting news to share with you today! Teleport Flock is one of the World Summit Awards Winners 2015 in the Culture & Tourism category. The World Summit Award selects and promotes the world’s best e-Content and innovative information and communication technology applications. The award is partnered with the key United Nations […]


Teleport’s internal tips for communication in remote work

Having everyone in the same room is a rare luxury for Team Teleport. Here are some of our main behaviours, guidelines and rules for making sure communication stays effective inside our distributed team. Our employees are currently spread between 5 countries around the world. The company has been remote-ready from day zero – but that […]


2015 September newsletter

Dear friends of Teleport, September has been busy! Most importantly – lots of you told us you want to research your big moving decisions on a big screen as well, and we listened – the Teleport Cities mobile app we released in the spring is now also available in your browser! Bringing Teleport Cities to […]

September 2015


Problem solved, money saved: Taavet Hinrikus and TransferWise

During one of the last sunny weekends in Estonia, Sten sat down in Saaremaa with Taavet Hinrikus, co-founder and CEO of TransferWise. Taavet has a long history of building awesome companies as well as frequently traveling around the globe. He became the first employee of Skype and started out by spending 7 years on that […]


Leaked Memo on Teleport Lessons

About 18 months have passed since founding Teleport, 10 months since our first big public release, 6 months since our mobile app and one month since Teleport Cities, the web based global life search, become our centerpiece. Not to mention our little “side projects” like Teleport Flock, Teleport Sundial and early revenue experiments around Teleport […]

Big Sur 1_

Outsite: stay, work & play in beautiful places

Outsite is a new retreat concept for professionals, entrepreneurs, groups and digital nomads who want to get away and get focused. We had a chat with Emmanuel Guisset, founder of Outsite, to find out more about the concept and what the team is up to. Emmanuel – tell us a bit about yourself and your […]


Share your team’s locations with the world

Teleport Sundial users can now share their remote team’s or group’s locations map in just a few clicks. Teleport Sundial is an awesome tool to use internally for your team to be able to keep tabs on where and in which timezone everyone is currently in. However, what if you want to share that beautiful […]

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 13.55.20

Move to your best place to live and work with Teleport Cities

Teleport Cities helps you discover your best place to live and work in. We order the  130+ most creative cities in the world based on how your personal preferences match our salary, jobs & life quality data. The mobile app we released in the spring is now also available for a big screen experience in […]


2015 August newsletter

Hello, friends of Teleport! August has been a month of building new exciting things! The biggest news we’re eager to share with your is the release of New York Teleport to help you find your cost & commute optimal place to live in and around NYC. Try our the bagel-warm public beta now and tell […]

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