August 2015


2015 July Newsletter

Hello, beautiful people! July has been exciting on many fronts. To kick it off, we released Teleport Sundial, the must-have coordination tool for every distributed team – read all about it in this post. New York Teleport is also now live to help you find your best place to live in and around NYC – […]

Migreat Josephine

Free People Move: taking the pain out of migration

It’s podcast time! For this episode we sat down in lovely London to have a chat with Joséphine Goube, director of partnerships at Migreat – the true one stop shop for visa and immigration information. Joséphine grew up in a small town in France and then moved to Paris to study political science. After that […]


New York Teleport: If you make it here…

We’ve just released New York Teleport to help you find your cost & commute optimal place to live in and around NYC – try out the bagel-warm public beta now and tell us what you think! Every since we released the Bay Area Teleport last November, New York has been the #1 requested next city […]


Teleport for Developers

We just kicked off our developer program! As a first teaser: check out how to add Teleport Widgets (life quality data about cities) to your website in 10 seconds. We set out to build the world’s largest pool of life quality data and help people make decisions on it (starting with our fancy UI’s). We’re […]

July 2015


Teleport Directory for moving tools and resources

We’ve started a curated directory of resources for people moving to a new city – hand picked and regularly updated by team Teleport! Check it out! Let’s face it – moving can really suck. Luckily, there are countless services, resources and information out there to help you make the process as easy as possible. While […]


Podcast: the Rodolphe 8000 remote workers listen to every week

In episode 8 of Free People Move we have a talk with Rodolphe Dutel, who’s the founder of Remotive – a newsletter and job board for remote workers – and spends the other half of his time working at Buffer! Rodolphe was lucky to get into tech right after university and worked in several countries […]


Help us make your city look great

There are several things you can do as a Teleport Cities (including the mobile app) user to make sure your favourite locations become the stars of the app: Vote for your city to be present Review our data and give us feedback Help other users by answering Ask a Local questions Sign up as a […]


The Network State

Last week, Teleport’s founders took part of the symposium of the Estonia’s Friends International Meeting, “Quo vadis, Estonia?” which this year was themed around digital entity. Besides Toomas Hendrik Ilves, President of Estonia, the second keynote speaker was the CEO of 21 and Teleport’s co-founder Balaji Srinivasan. The event was moderated by Teleport’s CEO Sten […]


Housing prices overview

Finding your new home is one of the most important things to get done when moving. It’s good to know the basics of rent prices in your new city so you know more or less what you should take into consideration. Teleport Cities gives you a general overview of approximate rent prices for a 1 […]


Six new locations in Teleport Cities

We’ve got some new arrivals to Teleport Cities. Welcome Saint Petersburg, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Columbus, Mexico City and Portland (Maine) to the Teleport family! This means means we’re now at 110 places for you to explore and compare. Having a city included in the app is useful because it means we collect data about it to […]


Flock updates: book your trip and added place search features

Teleport Flock took a big leap forward today: you can now book the tickets and housing for your upcoming meetup in a few clicks! That should easily save busy office admins and distributed team leads some 27 browser tabs full of queries. Also, as a response to the requests of early Teleport Flock users, we’ve […]


2015 June newsletter

Dear friends of Teleport, coming out of June we can finally say that with Teleport for Startup Cities mobile app we don’t just find you the best place to live in, but actually help you to get there! You can now start informative discussions with real locals in each city using our Ask a Local community, […]

June 2015


Checklist: how to move to the San Francisco Bay Area

Planning a move? Don’t know where to start? We put together the mother of all sample checklists for moving to the San Francisco Bay Area. Update: since writing this post, we’ve built an actual checklist tool for planning and executing your move – to San Francisco or elsewhere. Check out Teleport Zen – and let […]


Get there using Teleport Scouts

We’re very aware of how daunting moving can be. Teleport Cities is not about only finding your best place – we want to help you do that and help you actually get there with as little hassle as possible. Behind every city’s details in both the mobile and web app, right next to the Ask […]


Interview with Startup Diaries

We love catching up with people and companies who have the same vision as Teleport. A little while ago, we came across Startup Diaries – a team hitting the roads on a mission to discover alternative working models from Santiago de Chile to Sao Paulo. We asked Fabian, one of the team members, to bring […]


Free People Move – Episode 7: Alexey Komissarouk and Hacker Paradise

For episode 7 of Free People Move, Elen sat down with Alexey Komissarouk, co-founder of Hacker Paradise – a traveling community for developers, designers and any other creative type that is up for a bit of a working adventure. We discuss Alexey’s background and how he almost unintentionally became nomadic by being born in Ukraine, […]


Teleport City Pages

The Teleport Cities mobile app offers an in-depth overview of 104 startup cities around the world. Now you can easily access and link to a good chunk of that information outside of the app on the Teleport website as well – City Pages are just right for when you need to have a look at […]

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