June 2015


Personalizing Teleport Cities

When you started out with Teleport Cities mobile app, you chose some preferences and told us a bit about yourself, based on which we calculated your initial match with different startup cities. You can get even better results by personalizing the app to make sure it’s a perfectly exact match to what matters to you. […]


The Fading American Dream

Imagine telling an audience of young people struggling with their US immigration process (that can take up to 20 years) that you just gave up on your green card process a few months short of adjustment of status. That’s exactly what I did at the Startup Weekend Immigration event in San Francisco. After a brief moment […]


Free People Move – Episode 6: Bruno Haid from Caravanserai

In episode six we’re having a chat with Bruno Haid, co-founder of Caravanserai – a company on their way to starting a global co-living provider for professionals who seek a great work-life balance and don’t want to waste time piecing it together themselves. Bruno describes his earlier years – from spending his childhood in a […]


Sharing your search results

So, you’ve chosen your preferences and found out the cities that suit you best. Now, why not share those results with your friends to ask for their input or start a conversation about any other options? After we built Teleport Cities mobile app, we noticed that a lot of people were already sharing their results […]


Slipping away

I am ten thousand twelve kilometers away from home. Yet I am home. For more than eighteen years of my life, I have lived in several cities different from where I was born and, for at least fourteen, I have mainly spoken a language other than my own. I probably don’t qualify as the typical […]

Tea time at Sektor5

Free People Move – Episode 5: Thomas Schranz from Blossom

In this episode of Free People Move, Sten got a hold of Thomas Schranz, co-founder of blossom.io – a lightweight, yet incredibly insightful project management tool. Thomas tells us more about Blossom, how it works and the reasons why it’s perfect to help you track progress of software product development, especially in teams who don’t […]


2015 May newsletter

Dear friends of Teleport, May has been a great month for improvements and additions. We’ve listened to your feedback, worked hard and added a few cool features to the Teleport for Startup Cities mobile app, including multi-currency, budget widget changes and the very exciting Ask a Local community, that will hopefully help you get moving […]

May 2015


Job searching in Teleport Cities mobile app

In the previous Teleport Cities feature post we covered the budget upside and downside feature that gives you information about how your budget would change for the better or worse if you relocated to another city. In addition to your match score and budget breakdown in a city’s detail view, there’s also a widget that […]


Ask a Local, multi-currency and budget updates

The latest version of Teleport for Startup Cities mobile app is now available on both iOS and Android! Ever since releasing the app, we’ve been gathering feedback and making improvements to make sure that it’s up to date with what our users want and need. This time along we’ve added a few brand new nifty […]


Budget upside and downside

Your finances are one of the most important things to consider when planning your move. When you first start using Teleport Cities, we’ll ask you about your current income and rent and compare it to budget estimates we’ve gathered on all the startup cities. This way we can help you understand how and why your […]


2015 April newsletter

Hello beautiful people, a month after launching the Teleport for Startup cities app you can now search across 105 (we already added a few!) startup-friendly cities around the world. If you have not tried it yet, get it now for iPhone or Android. We’re getting a lot of good user feedback directly, and the world […]

April 2015


New locations in Teleport for Startup Cities App

We hope you’ve had a great experience using Teleport for Startup Cities so far! We’ve gotten a whole lot of awesome feedback from our users and based on it will keep improving the app as we go along. We started out with the 100 most startup friendly cities around the world for you to explore […]


Here’s How I just Extended My Life

Silver Keskküla served Skype as the first researcher of the core team. He has lived in 9 countries and is co-founder of Teleport, where he helps people to discover their best place to live and work.   A cool thing about moving to another country is that your life gets longer. Last year I calculated, that I should move […]


Following cities

Cities are dynamic and constantly changing. It pays off to follow cities you’ve been to, lived in or even dream of moving to, just to get important updates about them. These could be big changes in rent prices, job opportunities in new startups, cheap flight deals for quick visits, tax filing reminders, updates on friends […]


Adventures in Nuweiba – Interview with Aita Mihkelsoo

Retirement is an amazing opportunity to experience new places and cultures, so why not retire somewhere awesome? 74-year old Aita Mihkelsoo, born and raised in Estonia, got tired of the harsh Nordic winters and decided to relocate to the city of Nuweiba, a coastal town in the eastern part of Sinai Peninsula, Egypt. Here’s her story. Where […]


Where in the World Should Your Team Flock? Ask Teleport!

Hello, free people on the move! Another week and another release from Teleport, which we are really hoping will make you happy. We are proud to present a simple tool called Teleport Flock, that lets groups of people discover and budget their next get-together anywhere in the world. “Birds of a feather flock together,” as […]


Free People Move – episode 2: Good Luck Being Born Tomorrow

About a month ago, we published the very first episode of Teleport’s brand new podcast – Free People Move. It received a very warm welcome and we had a lot of great feedback, so – here’s part two! Sten and Silver recorded this episode in true Teleport style – Sten being in Palo Alto, California, […]


Understanding your match score

In our first Teleport Cities feature post last week, we talked about choosing your preferences. Now let’s move on to how that helps you compare the cities that match you best! Once you’re all done with choosing your preferences and inserting information, Teleport compares it to over a hundred data layers we’ve gathered for cities […]

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