April 2015


Why Do We Lie About Laptops On The Beach?

As a kid, my life changed when I saw a somewhat portable Apple Macintosh unboxed in the movie Short Circuit. Before that day I had daydreamed about girls, now I dreamt about girls AND my own Macintosh. As it turns out, the appearance of Macintosh was a product placement by Apple, a perfect move, the […]


Good Luck Being Born Tomorrow! (part 2 of 2)

Since my controversial post last week, 2.4 million more babies were born into this world, 97% of them into places that lack certain freedoms. Opinions vary on which of these freedoms are more important than others, but the fact remains – No one is born into a perfect place. Add a few more layers to […]


How to pick your preferences

Now that the Teleport Cities app is out there for you to enjoy, we’ll start posting a short feature spotlight every week to introduce the main elements of the app, both web and mobile. We hope this will help you get most out of the software we’ve built for you — and if anything remains […]


2015 March newsletter

Hello beautiful people, what a big month March turned out to be! First, Teleport went global on your mobile. We’ve been working hard on letting you do what you’ve always asked about — expanding the search for the best place for you beyond the first experiments in Silicon Valley. Using the Teleport for Startup cities […]


Good luck being born tomorrow! (Part 1 of 2)

Silver Keskküla served Skype as the first researcher of the core team. He has lived in 9 countries and is co-founder of Teleport, where he helps people to discover their best place to live and work.   97% of people born tomorrow will be in a country that is authoritarian, communist, doesn’t support same sex marriage, does […]


Teleport turns one

April 1st, formerly known as the international day of humor, marks the first birthday of Teleport, Inc – as we count it from our official incorporation date. During that year, our team has grown from three co-founders to about a dozen people: eight full time team members and several freelance experts for additional help. Teleport […]

March 2015


Launch: Teleport Cities Mobile App

(EDIT: Teleport Cities is now also available on the web if you want to try it immediately. Or download the mobile apps: Android, iOS) Today is an exciting day for all startup people on the move. Here at Teleport we are just giddy to release the first version of a brand new mobile app for […]


Kauppalehti interview with Teleport’s CEO Sten Tamkivi

Silicon Valley is the Mecca tech talent globally turns their faces to. Yet, if you choose to base your company in Silicon Valley, you have decided to be in one of the most expensive places in the world. There is a lot of discussion about all the reasons to be in Silicon Valley, but what […]


Free People Move – Teleport podcast

As Teleport’s team goes along developing the products across five countries, we keep running into people with amazing stories and opinions about discovering your best places, moving around, building startups with distributed teams, more and less nomadic lifestyles, remote work and the world in general. To share all of this with our friends and followers, […]


Best sites for finding your dream remote job

We’ve put together a list of remote job sites as well as sites with a remote filter to tell you what they’re for, how well they work and also added a comparison table in the end to give you a quick overview. Teleport knows that quality of work doesn’t necessarily depend on your physical location. […]


Should Startup Employees Have Health Insurance?

Benefits are an important part of your employees’ compensation package, and healthcare is one of the top benefits you can offer. Employers often have to seriously consider whether healthcare is a benefit they should provide. Even if the answer is yes, it is difficult and costly to implement depending on where your startup and employees are based […]


2015 February newsletter

Hello, friends of Teleport! This month we’ve really had our hands full. To make sure we understand the pains of moving, I personally went on the road again after a four year break and moved to Colombia. You can read more on “What I learned when moving to Colombia”. We’ve also just showed our new […]

February 2015


Here’s what I learned when moving to Colombia

About a month ago I wrote about Another Kind of Silicon Valley Exit and how I systematically arrived to Colombia as the next place I should live at. Here’s some of the stuff I have learned from my move so far. Only two weeks short of my trip I realized I haven’t looked into vaccinations. […]


Teleport’s favourite tools for remote teamwork

Teleport is a truly distributed team – we have full time employees in Tallinn, Munich, Paris and Cambridge, more help from Tartu and a roaming co-founder who was most recently spotted in Canada. Having the entire team in the same room is a rare luxury for us – letting our people live where they want […]


Interview with Harbor.ly

Harbor.ly is a successful team of experienced entrepreneurs, financial professionals and legal advisors committed to a global vision of digital currency. We asked them a few questions Teleport style – here’s what we found out. 1)     Has your company relocated in the past before? Harbor.ly is a fairly new startup and this is our first […]


2015 January newsletter

We are just so grateful to have you as an early friend of Teleport. Many of you have tried out what we’ve built and given some great feedback – thanks for that. And I know many others are still waiting when Teleport comes to all other cities you live in. I’m glad to say we […]

January 2015

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Startup Incubators of Silicon Valley

We just released a simple tool for founders looking to join a startup incubation program as their stepping stone into Silicon Valley. Figuring out an affordable and commute-optimal location in San Francisco Bay Area is getting harder by the week, even for a few-months stay. Hope the Bay Area Teleport will help your research. Last […]


Bay Area Teleport Adds Nifty Links and Lyft Coverage

It’s been 7 weeks since the public Bay Area Teleport release (see the original announcement) and we just pushed out a release number three. Getting into a rhythm! I wanted to share three things about this one: How to create smart links to help other people run Teleport searches New data layer: search by Lyft […]


Another Kind of Silicon Valley Exit

Lately I have been asking myself more and more – why am I in Silicon Valley? The living costs are getting ridiculous and at the end of the day I’m mostly just sitting behind a computer. There must be a place similarly suited for me given what currently matters in my life. I decided to […]

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