December 2014


Top 8 Barriers Holding Us Back From Moving Around

Even as more and more people are choosing to move around the world, there are legitimate reasons why many others still haven’t made their move yet. I went around and asked a few dozen people what factors are holding them back from moving. Here are the top responses. They would have to find new jobs. Many current […]


Bay Area Schools, Trains & 4G Now Searchable

This morning we released an update to the Bay Area Teleport, the first technology preview of our place scouting software we started rolling out in November. We have really enjoyed the early interest and really insightful feedback from early adopters like you. Reacting to what we’ve heard from you we have added a number of improvements today: First of all, we did […]

November 2014


Teleport in Ten Minutes

Fresh after the release of our first public preview product, the Teleport Bay Area life search tool and announcing our clarified focus to help startup people to on the move I headed over to one of my favorite startup conferences in the world: Slush in Helsinki, Finland. The video below is the Teleport story in ten minutes: why we can’t […]


Place Scout for Startup People: the Silicon Valley Release

Teleport is releasing the first public preview of our place scouting tech today. If you’re really impatient you could jump straight to the link in the end of this post, but first I’d love to give you some context for what we’re up to. When we announced Teleport back in May, I shared some ideas about […]


Rise of Competitive Tax Systems

Like many other unpleasant things in life, taxes are unavoidable. In most countries, including the United States, there are hundreds of different taxes, and even more forms for filing them. Our tax code is so convoluted that some tax experts can’t even agree on how to file a sample tax return. “The rules are confusing, […]

October 2014


The future is already here

… it’s just not evenly distributed. This brilliant quote from William Gibson perfectly captured what it felt like at DCBKK 2014 in Bangkok, a conference for digital nomads and location independent professionals. The gentleman who quoted Gibson is living and working in SE Asia and using geo-arbitrage (taking advantage of cost of living disparities in different locations) to […]


Communal Living in the Bay Area

Some of the more common complaints I hear from my friends about post-college life include the lack of affordable housing options, old friends drifting apart, and the challenges of meeting new ones. During college, many students either shared apartments with their friends or lived in the dorms. As a result, their cost of living was […]

September 2014


Renting: From Pragmatic To Cool

In the past, home ownership has been seen as a crucial pillar in achieving the American dream. With the growing disparity between rising real estate prices and stagnant wages, however, many people have instead turned to renting. Recently, the New York Times prepared a break-even analysis of renting a home vs. buying one. The general […]

Teleport logo 1024x1024 - jpg

Bay Area Test + Seed Funding

Today is a great day for Teleport. After a very busy summer, we are rolling out the first broad test of our search engine for digital nomads.


Nomads On Wheels

Many people who are truly passionate about their nomadic lifestyle often decide to turn their worldly possessions–including their homes–completely mobile. Usually, this transition requires some downsizing and a few other material sacrifices. In exchange for abandoning their static lifestyles, these nomads are given much more opportunities to “go wherever whim and chance might take them.” […]

August 2014


Remote working in Thule

  Tanel’s office location at the end of Sõrve Peninsula on Saaremaa, Estonia I’m standing just outside my friend’s remote office here on Sõrve Peninsula on Saaremaa. When growing up, this place with its far-reaching extension into the Baltic sea, always felt like the very end of the world to me. Little did I know […]


Migration Trends in Silicon Valley

In the United States, migration trends have been among the most interesting social data sets to examine. Within these macro trends, migration in and out of Silicon Valley in particular stands out as the most fascinating and impactful in terms of sheer numbers as well as diversity and talent. Silicon Valley is rapidly outpacing the […]


Education for Young Digital Nomads

Digital nomads often bring their entire families with them on their journeys around the world. When we talk to these roaming families while designing the upcoming Teleport search experience, they often tell us that their children’s education is one of the most factors they consider when staying abroad. These children, who are often exposed to […]


Amazing Places Affordable With San Francisco Rent

San Francisco is widely regarded as one of the most expensive places to live in the world. To afford that rising cost, the median salary for software engineers in San Francisco has soared to $100,000. Given that many of these engineers could in theory work from anywhere on the face of the earth, I started wondering: […]

July 2014


The Fly Always Remains

The following is a horror story for any digital nomad. As a strategic consultant I solve communication problems. My clients want to discuss serious issues that need an outsider’s gaze. My job allows me some travel and work from remote locations like the village of Olivella near Barcelona from where I was doing consulting over Skype in […]


Discovering My Freedom

Can you imagine a life in a cell for years, only to learn that the cell door wasn’t even locked? This happened to me and I feel embarrassed that I didn’t even try to think outside of my fictional prison. During the last 9 years of perfect remote working capability at Skype I only moved […]

June 2014


Commute Does Not Compute

My friends who commute more than two hours in total each day tell me that commuting is okay and that they have somehow harmlessly fitted the commuting time into their lives. In their SUVs they make calls, listen to podcasts and mull over some important topics at work. They say that they are happy doing […]


Just Enough Friction

It is generally agreed that diasporas are the most important drivers of migration. When you arrive in a foreign country or even just a new city it is the people like you that are already there who tend to give you advantages from information to material support. New Russian arrivals are better off in Brighton […]

May 2014


The Nomad With a Thousand Faces

As digital nomads become the talk of the town it is fascinating to see how the way of life finds followers from wide array of professions. Just consider these few examples: 1. Artist. You can work with materials, capture the imagery (or let it be captured by others), then wait for it to become viral. Anywhere in the world. […]

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