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Startup events and meetups

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startup events

droidcon Kraków 2016 - 3rd editionDecember 8th
VI Wieczór Technologii SieciowychDecember 8th
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Lambda Academy - school of Erlang, school of Elixir
Erlang User Group Krakow
December 6th
#11 Spotkanie Entuzjastów R w Krakowie
Cracow R User Group - Spotkania Użytkowników R
December 6th
Mikołaj z ALE Kraków
ALE Krakow
December 6th
Kongres Bezpieczeństwa Sieci
Networking IT in KRK
December 6th
Meet.js - Grudzień #1
December 7th
[javascript] Progressive Web Apps - Introduction Workshop
Guidewire Kraków
December 7th
Let's meet to talk about A.I. #3
Artificial Intelligence Krakow
December 8th
Code Retreat - Pac-Man edition with Peter Kofler
Polish Java User Group
December 10th
Meet.js - Grudzień #2
December 13th
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