Portland, ME

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Startups in Portland, Maine

What’s the startup scene like in Portland, Maine? How much funding is available? What about coworking spaces and startup events? Here’s Teleports overview of the startup scene inPortland, Maine, including details on startup funding, coworking spaces, startup events and meetups.

Startup events and meetups

In the last 12 months


startup events

Innovate with Scrumban Process Improvement and Project ManagementJanuary 23rd
Using Facebook For Business - A New Way Of ThinkingJanuary 24th
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Building a Search Engine for PDF with Apache Solr and Python
Maine Server Side Engineering and Performance Meetup
January 26th
Functional Programming in ES6
Nodeschool Portland Maine
January 27th
Global Azure Bootcamp
Casco Bay .NET User Group
April 22nd
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