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startup events

Keeping the Fire Alive at Block 71 with Green Pea CookieDecember 11th
Test EventDecember 11th
Dinner with Inventor Dr Sundar from Ohio UniversityDecember 12th
The Responsibility Process - Leading and Coaching workshopDecember 12th
Money as an Energy: How to Align Money and Vision for Greater Wellbeing – Wellness Reboot SeriesDecember 13th
Startup 101 Information Session/MixerDecember 13th
Data Science Career DayDecember 14th
SQA Solution Career Event & Resume ReviewDecember 14th
Marketing Planning in the Situation of UncertaintyDecember 14th
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End-of-Year Event with Autodidactic I
Game and App Devs
December 11th
Have fun - Balance in Life at Ruby Skye
Berkeley Startup Cluster
December 11th
Holiday Cookie Swap
Designer's Hearth: Silicon Valley
December 11th
Lab Session: Tensor Flow install & 'Hello World' walk through
Women Who Code East Bay
December 11th
Sunday Hands-On iOS
Santa Clara iOS Connect
December 11th
5 Ways Shoppers Engage When You're Not There
San Francisco eCommerce Innovators in Retail
December 12th
Pitch Bootcamp: Learn to Pitch Like a Pro!
Gateway Works: Bay Area Cannabis Founder & Startup Community
December 13th
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (SICP)
Computer Science Reading Group
December 13th
1st meetup of user research participant recruiters in SF
San Francisco User Research Coordinators' meetup
December 13th
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