Startups in Taipei, Taiwan

What’s the startup scene like in Taipei, Taiwan? How much funding is available? What about coworking spaces and startup events? Here’s Teleport’s overview of the startup scene inTaipei, Taiwan, including details on startup funding, coworking spaces, startup events and meetups.

Startup events and meetups

In the last 12 months


startup events

Global Leadership Conference at TaipeiJuly 3rd
Taipei Prerequisite Course for Data Science Bootcamp (Python, Probability, Statistics)July 6th
PB-Scale AI Big Data Cloud Boot Camp - Build/Operate Deep Learning Data Pipeline/Lake Cloud/Container ClusterJuly 8th
10th International Conference on Evolving Trends in Academic and Practical Research (ETAPR-JULY-2017) July 19-20, 2017July 19th
4th International Conference on Emerging Trends in Industrial Research Theory and Practice (ETIRTP-July-2017)July 19th
Neil Patel Presents: Advanced Content Marketing Summit [Virtual Event]July 24th
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MeetupsDate 六月主題月會【聊聊 Python】 (Monthly Meeting of June) - Taipei Python User Group
June 29th
Event 2 - 使用NodeJs 建立 Bot
Tech Podcast Night Taipei
June 30th
Taiwan R User Group / MLDM Monday
July 3rd
Swift Meetup #23
Swift Taipei User Group
July 4th
新創 Pitch 訓練營
Taipei Startup Founder 101
July 6th
Functional Thursday #53 [in Mandarin]
Functional Thursday
July 6th
GDG Taipei #39 - Android O & Google AR / VR 分享會
GDG Taipei
July 7th
[Data Visualization & BI Series] Shiny w/ Azure
Taiwan R User Group / MLDM Monday
July 10th
WizardAmigos CodeCamp [Taipei,JavaScript,­English]
{:Coding Amigos => Co.Hacking}
July 10th
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