Startups in Tokyo, Japan

What’s the startup scene like in Tokyo, Japan? How much funding is available? What about coworking spaces and startup events? Here’s Teleport’s overview of the startup scene inTokyo, Japan, including details on startup funding, coworking spaces, startup events and meetups.

Startup events and meetups

In the last 12 months


startup events

2 Days Design Thinking Workshop In TokyoJune 2nd
シリコンバレー・オープンイノベーション・セミナー :日本企業がシリコンバレーで成功するための7つのルールJune 6th
2nd International Conference on Innovative Trends in Engineering, Technology, Computers and Applied Sciences (ITETCAS-June-2017)June 8th
9th International Conference on Innovative Trends in Social Sciences, Business and Management Studies (ITSBM-JUNE-2017) June 08-09, 2017June 8th
#visualizinghacking2017June 12th
Global AI Hackathon - TokyoJune 23rd
PB-Scale AI Big Data Cloud Boot Camp - Build/Operate Deep Learning Data Pipeline/Lake Cloud/Container ClusterJune 24th
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Study Sessions - Python -
Women Who Code Tokyo
May 30th
Pre-WWDC Gathering
Tokyo iOS Meetup
May 30th
Meetup #1 Thinking in GraphQL
GraphQL Tokyo
May 30th
Hyperledger Tokyo Meetup with Executive Director Brian Behlendorf
Hyperledger Tokyo
May 31st
DevOpsを国内外の事例を活用し­取り入れ­る (Adopting Foreign DevOps Ideas in Your Organization)
May 31st
Speed up development and build highly-scalable solutions with Azure Functions
Tokyo Azure Meetup
May 31st
Kaggle Data Science Challenge(データ分析勉強会)
MachineLearning by TeamAI 毎日機械学習
June 1st
Let`s make your website by using WordPress on Sunday !
Wordpress - Make your website!
June 4th
Natural Language Processing Study Group(自然言語処理な夜)
MachineLearning by TeamAI 毎日機械学習
June 5th
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