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Startup events and meetups

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startup events

iPad kassasystemen in de horecaDecember 13th
In Orbit TrainingDecember 14th
Agile bootcampDecember 14th
Red Hat Technical Update Ansible | 15 december 2016December 15th
ALSO Cloud | Microsoft Azure training voor techsDecember 22nd
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Workshop Continuous Integration met Docker, Jenkins en Pipeline Scripts
Technical Test Experts Nederland
December 12th
QuickCheck: a lightweight tool for random testing Haskell programs
Papers We Love Utrecht
December 12th
Presentatie over Vagrant en Dokter Joomla! bijJUG Utrecht
Joomla Nederland en België
December 12th
Discussies over aanpak van testen in een (nette) OO-omgeving
Open-i Java en Oracle Meetup
December 13th
Asterix and Obelix teach Agile
Agile Holland
December 13th
MarkLogic User Group Benelux Meetup
MarkLogic User Group Benelux
December 13th
The Things Network Hack & Playground
Internet of Things Utrecht
December 13th
The last one in 2016!
Unreal Engine User Group NL
December 13th
Geeky Night Out
Permanent Beta
December 13th
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