Startups in Utrecht, Netherlands

What’s the startup scene like in Utrecht, Netherlands? How much funding is available? What about coworking spaces and startup events? Here’s Teleport’s overview of the startup scene inUtrecht, Netherlands, including details on startup funding, coworking spaces, startup events and meetups.

Startup events and meetups

In the last 12 months


startup events

UBC PhD & Post-doc mini-retreatMay 1st
Meet Magento 2017May 10th
Open Coffee Utrecht | Netwerkbijeenkomst & EventMay 12th
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Practice Java programming skills
Java Beginners Meetup
May 2nd
Network Packet Inspection met Wireshark
CRI Kennissessies
May 3rd
Join us for CCU2++ at De Stadstuin
Creative Coding Utrecht
May 4th
From Command and Control to Agile <=> from Agile freedom to Command and Control
Agile Holland
May 9th
Front-End Ams Meetup
Front-End Amsterdam
May 10th
Workshop: “An introduction to Docker Compose”
Ibuildings Events
May 15th
Verrassend voorwaarts
FileMaker Developers Nederland
May 15th
NLUUG voorjaarsconferentie 2017
NLUUG - Dutch Unix/Linux user group
May 16th
"OutSystems 2 - The Revenge"
May 16th
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