Building Teleport

Teleport team creates software. First for the startup people on the move like ourselves and eventually for everyone who could benefit from being thoughtful about where they spend their life. We want our products to be simple, pleasant and useful for all.

As a company we strive for a culture as fluid, diverse and borderless as the world we’re serving. We want to work with people who have intellectual curiosity and deep interest for varied aspects of life, the more eclectic the better. People who understand humans, people who understand machines and especially the rare people who know how to make the two work together.

And most of all: if you are a bit of a nomad yourself, with an urge to live in new places and skills to continue working with the rest of the team while wherever — this would be a team that really gets you.

For further reading there is a blog post describing our practices as a distributed team and a Pinterest board of places we’ve recently been seen working on Teleport.

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