To be clear up front, this is not an ad for employment, but an opportunity to offer your services on our Teleport Scouts marketplace.

Who are Teleport Scouts?

Teleport Scouts are friendly people who volunteer to make themselves available for other Teleport users to prepare and execute their moves to a particular place.

All of our first few dozen Teleport Scouts …

  • have extensive knowledge about their cities, based on actually living there, moving there or helping others move there
  • have spectacular search skills and a personal network for finding out the the little they do not know about their city
  • love helping even complete strangers and sharing their experience and knowledge
  • are friendly, approachable and patient
  • write well in clear & concise English

Users of Teleport’s mobile and web apps can request help from a Teleport Scout in the context of a city they are planning to travel or move to. Questions are routed to Teleport Scouts with matching locations and skills in a hope that they can help out the user.

As a Scout you are free to set your own prices and define what you are willing to help with. You keep 70% of any paid transaction, while the rest goes towards covering our costs of running the marketplace, processing payments, and so on.

What’s in it for you?

This is your chance to

  • build your international network among interesting people roaming the planet
  • be a good promoter for your city and the local tech & creative scenes
  • help more cool people move to where you are, making your city a more interesting and vibrant place to live for everyone
  • make good use of your existing expertise, build new skills and even build pipeline of future customers (if your day job today or what you would like to do in the future is something directly related to typical Scout questions)
  • try working together with a rare-quality startup team (ex-Skype, Andreessen-Horowitz-backed, fully distributed, shipping fast) and be best positioned to apply for any future roles as they come up
  • Earn some extra income on your own schedule

If all of the above sounds awesome then we’d love to hear from you.

Please head over to our Teleport Scouts signup form and we’ll be in touch soon.