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Every year, ten million millennials move to a new city abroad.
Teleport's analytics and insights help you become their destination.

Teleport users looking to move - 0 days after launch.

The Challenge

How can you attract new talent &
investments to your city?

What are the most important issues for knowledge workers? How could we promote our strengths to talent?

How does your city rank up against other top cities—what are your strengths and weaknesses?

Which countries are the best sources to attract talent from?

Teleport Cities

Our Offer

We help you analyze and attract international talent.

Use Teleport’s data to analyze the market and start a quantitative and efficient talent attraction process.

Most important life quality factors based on nationality
People who are interested in Amsterdam

“1,750 Software Engineers in Ukraine are interested in Tallinn“


“Ukrainians care about life quality factors such as cost of living and safety, as well as…“


“Get in contact with users that fit this profile on Teleport and other platforms“

Our Data

Insights about cities & people:
300+ data layers from 70+ different sources meet 200.000+ users.

Teleport Professional


  • Income: salaries, taxes and entrepreneurial opportunities, ...
  • Cost: housing, cost of living, ...
  • Quality of life: from education and healthcare to density of jazz clubs ...

Teleport Professional


  • Real knowledge workers on the move, by country and profession.
  • Implicit anonymized preference sets and search pattern trends.
  • Explicit polling of how users judge qualitative aspects of a city.

Our Products

Tools for city governments

Teleport Professional on desktop
Teleport Cities on tablet
Teleport City Report on mobile
Teleport Professional on desktop

Discover your city's unique selling points for the global talent market

A life quality data tool that helps you analyze the needs and interests of international talent.

Teleport Cities on tablet

Get in direct contact with global talent on the move

Introduce your city to talent by creating your own profile page, or use Teleport to connect directly to talent in every country.

Teleport City Report on mobile

Use our data to showcase your city's strengths

Get well designed slides and widgets to your homepage to sell your strengths to global talent.

Our Team

Our Co-Founders

Sten Tamkivi

Sten Tamkivi

Sten joined a startup called Skype as an early executive in 2005, where he ran the original R&D office and global product engineering leadership roles for 7 years. He holds a master's degree in Management from Stanford GSB.

Silver Keskküla

Silver Keskküla

Silver joined Skype as the first researcher in the core team and was recently a Principal Software Development Engineer at Microsoft. His nomadic lifestyle has led him to universities such as Tsinghua, Stanford, MIT and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. He holds a master's degree in CS from Chalmers University of Technology.

Our Investors

Andreessen Horowitz
SV Angel
… and a list of respected angels
from Silicon Valley and Europe

Our Advisors

Parag Khanna

Parag Khanna

Parag is a leading global strategist, best-selling author and TED Conference speaker. He is a CNN Global Contributor and Senior Research Fellow at the National University of Singapore. He is also the Managing Partner of Hybrid Reality, and Co-Founder & CEO of Factotum.

Jeffrey Levine

Jeffrey Levine

Until September 2015, Jeff was the United States Ambassador to Estonia. Prior to that, he served the US State Department in various positions in Hungary, Bulgaria, Brazil, Cyprus, Egypt, Malaysia and Peru. Before becoming a diplomat, Jeff was a journalist and a founding staff member of USA Today.

Balaji Srinivasan

Balaji Srinivasan

Balaji is a General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz and co-founder of 21 and Counsyl. Prior he taught data mining, statistics, and computational biology at Stanford University. He holds a doctorate degree in Electrical Engineering and master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Stanford.

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