Teleport Scouts FAQ

Thank you for being a part of our Teleport Scouts community! Here are answers to some of the most burning questions you might have as a new Scout. (Updated Aug 14, 2016)

How do I communicate with Team Teleport and other Scouts?

Day to day communication with the team and other members of the Scout community happens through Fleep - a chat platform we use at Teleport. It's quite similar to the more famous "Slack", but with better email integration and a few other nifty features. If you already use Slack throughout the day and want to avoid running an additional app, you can participate in the Fleep group chats via Slack, but with some limitations on 1:1 messages and attachments. If you'd like to get set up on Slack, just let Thomas K. Running (TK) know.

In Fleep we have one "Global" chat where all Scouts across the world participate, as well as individual city chats (you'll be invited to the ones relevant to you). You can use these chats to get help, get to know fellow community members, get updates on the Scouts program, etc.

Where do I see a new user request? How do I “take” it?

As of July 2016, you will now receive new requests via email. There are two types of requests: "City requests" and "individual requests", and they work a little differently.

City requests go out to all Scouts in a particular city, and to indicate that you're interested in the request just click the link in the email you received. Doing so is not a commitment to accept the job, but you'll be connected to the user via email to discuss the details of the request, agree on pricing, etc.

Individual requests are direct requests from a user to you, made from your public Scout profile. You don't have to click any link to "accept" the job, just reply to the email to initiate the conversation with the user. If needed, ask clarifying questions before deciding to take on the job. Even if you don't want to accept the job, it's polite to send a short note to the user explaining why you're not able to help them out (lack of time, request outside your area of expertise, etc).

Where do I answer a request? Where do I see the response from a user?

All communication between you and the user happens via email. When you reply, your message is sent to the user as well as backed up in our systems for record keeping. To make that happen, we use a specially generated email address, so it's important that you don't change the address you're responding to. For now (depending on your email client) the messages you send might also show up in your own inbox - but don't worry, they are also sent to the user.

How do I manage my public Scout profile?

You will receive a form where you fill out your initial profile. If you later want to make changes, just let TK know. In the future you'll be able to manage your Scout profile as part of your main Teleport profile, but that functionality is still in development.

How fast should I respond?

Some requests can be of urgent nature and our goal is to offer help as fast as we can – generally we aim to get back to people within 24 hours of the request, but obviously it’s mainly important that the request gets dealt with in the end, even if it’s not immediately. Your profile will list your approximate response time, so users know what to expect.

What do we help users with?

Our main goal is to share our knowledge about the city the person is planning their move to or just wish to know more about. We do research for them and connect them to any services and help they need when planning their move. Some things you might be helping people with are:

  • Giving advice about which neighborhood to live in, depending on certain needs
  • Finding a temporary or permanent place to stay after moving
  • Assisting with finding job offers based on the person’s skill set and personal preferences
  • Planning and budgeting the move

In the end, what you want to offer users (and at what price) is up to you, but also see the next question:

What do we not help users with?

We try to steer away from offering advice that we’re not qualified to give, such as legal and financial advice or anything else that you might feel involves high risks (unless you're a professional). You should always aim for giving users accurate information – if it is just a “personal opinion” or you are not sure about something, it is very important to point this out to the user.

In some jurisdictions, certain kinds of advisor roles are regulated by law (e.g. immigration or financial advisors). You're ultimately responsible for your own listing and services provided, so it is important that you check your local regulations. If you're in doubt, let us know and we'll try to help.

How does the payment system work?

After a user submits a Scout request, we ask them to add a payment method to their Teleport account. It will be indicated in the email you receive from us if they have a payment method on file or not. If they don't have a credit card on file when submitting the request, you'll get an email once a payment method is added.

It's up to you if you want to assist users before they have added a payment method, but we recommend asking them to do so before spending a significant amount of time on their request. Once you've agreed with the user on the scope and price of a job, let TK know and he will ping you once their payment method has been charged.

After you have delivered a job, the user has 7 days to raise any complaints. After the 7 days have passed, and no complaints/objections have been raised, we'll transfer you portion of the payment to your balance.

How much do I get from the payment?

Scouts get 70% of the payments - the rest goes into further growing the Scout community and to cover the costs of payment providers and mediating the requests.

How often do I receive my payouts?

We send your payments once per month, as long as you have a minimum balance of $50. If you'd like to increase your minimum payout balance, please let us know.

What payout methods do you offer?

We currently offer payouts via Paypal only. If that's not practical for you, let us know and we'll try to find a solution.

What if anything is not as it should be?

If you think any request is inappropriate or not legitimate, please let us know immediately. Team Teleport and other Scouts are always with you to help you deal with any issues that may arise – if you’re not sure about something, you can ask us in the Fleep chat or contact us directly and we’ll help you out!