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Teleport Scouts are like local friends that help you move to their own city. Friends that not only know their city like the back of their hand, but also know what it means to move to a new city and country. Someone who is standing by to help you with planning and executing your move.

Teleport Scouts are a tight community of locals and moving experts. We live, work and travel anywhere in the world while helping people get to the places they would love to live in. Not many things impact your life like changing the place where you live. Often it’s not easy, but knowing a local can make a huge difference. With Teleport Scouts we are connecting people on the move with locals like you.

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Moving to a new place is exciting and scary at the same time, but with help from the locals, it can be so much better. I also received much help from locals, so would love to help people out as a Teleport Scout!
Teleport Scout in San Francisco
At Teleport Scouts, you often deal with people who think, act and live the way you do. It’s always exciting to realize that you can help some of them make a right life-changing decision such as settling down at a new place.
Teleport Scout in Berlin
I have experienced first hand moving to a foreign country, including doing research and dealing with doubts. So as a Scout I now try to make the transition easier for people on the move.
Teleport Scout in Dublin

Who we are looking for


It’s all about helping people move and meet new people. It’s hard to put a price tag on this. That said, we wanted to enable movers to have a chance to give back to the locals that helped them. We built a system that allows users to pay local Scouts for their efforts. Learn more.

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I already have a job, so can I be a Scout in my off-time? You choose when you take task requests from movers and there is no set amount of tasks you have to handle.
What would I help users with? Our main goal is to share our knowledge about the city the person is planning their move to or just wish to know more about. Some things you might be helping people with are: giving advice about which neighborhood to live in; finding a temporary or permanent place to stay after moving; assisting with finding job offers based on the person’s skill set and planning and budgeting the move.
Do I need any certifications or special skills to become a Scout? No. All we require you to have is extensive knowledge about your city, spectacular research skills for finding out the little you do not know and the enthusiasm to meet new people and help them with their move.
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