Laura Salu

Tallinn, Estonia

Love traveling, the countryside, spontaneity and handicrafts.

What I can help you with

Having managed a small but lovely relocation company MoveMyTalent in Tallinn for over 2 years, I know exactly what moving to Estonia really means & involves and can provide you with help in all aspects related to the move - from the bureaucratic formalities and daily practicalities to networking.

My own expat times also help me understand the ups and downs of the process.

And besides that - I'm a big fan of Estonia and its wonderful nature. So don't hesitate to ask for some insight on the coolest places around the country 😀

Some of the service packages that me or my team members can help you with:

- Home search and moving in
- Immigration services
- School search

But as every global nomad or relocating family has different expectations and needs, please get in touch for a more specific quote.

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