Installation instructions for Teleport Sundial desktop tracker

  • Download the desktop tracker app: (always updated to the latest version).
  • To install, uncompress (just double-click) and drag the Sundial application to your Applications folder.
  • Launch the app. (In case it complains about unknown developer, use right-click -> Open, also make sure “App Store and identified developers” is selected from System Preferences -> Security & Privacy, General tab.)


  • The app will ask for location permissions and appear in the task bar. Click on the Teleport icon on the task bar and a window appears.
  • Click on the Login option behind the top left icon in the app. A webpage will be opened that allows to sign in using your Teleport account, or create a new account using either email or Facebook, Twitter and Google social login flows. This is your personal account, unattached to your corporate accounts, and any tracking data will be owned by you as a private individual, not your employer.
  • The tracking app keeps running in the background invisibly, syncing your city level location with Teleport servers roughly every hour and right after and before the computer goes to sleep. You can open it at any time to see the latest city name tracked, and access quick links to various web based location research tools by Teleport:

  • If you want to have the location tracker start automatically after a restart, go to System Preferences -> Users & Groups -> select your user -> Login Items tab, click the small plus sign and select Sundial from the Applications folder. This will add the app to your startup items and you don’t have to open it manually every time you log in to OS X.

  • To see your trips log after the tracking app has been running, visit
  • The Export and Edit buttons on the Trips page are not functional yet—in the future, this functionality will allow you to share a report of your business trips with your employer or tax advisor.
  • Peace of mind, compliance and profit ensue. :)

And of course, you can invite all your team members to share their location on a Sundial map here: